Kenya Moore’s Ex Boyfriend, Walter Jackson, Blasts Bravo For Not Inviting Him to Reunion Show

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Bravo TV has pissed Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson, all the way off. If you’ve followed this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’ve watched this entire thing unfold. Long story short–Kenya and Walter broke up mid-season; Walter claims they were never ‘real boyfriend and girlfriend’. He’s asserted that Kenya asked him to play the role of her man, so that she’d be casted for the show. He later did a radio interview, spilling all sorts of tea. Kenya suggests that Walter is lying and just wants attention and stardom. Fast forward to the present day and the reunion show is going down this week. And guess who didn’t get an invitation to sit on the couch with Andy Cohen? Mr. Walter Jackson himself. He used his twitter platform, to vent his reality tv frustrations, writing:

Yeah I think TV meaning (Br_) is scared of me, they can’t control me and they can’t tell me what to say, So that’s y they WON’T INVITE me. I don’t think they want YOU to hear the truth about a certain person now that THEY KNOW the truth, but they will let her make up lies on air…Notice I’ve been real quiet for a while. But they keep on letting “you know who” lie and jab at me on air and want me to keep quiet!! WOW

Should Walter have been invited to tell his side of the story? Or do you believe that BRAVO is protecting their new break-out star, Kenya?