‘Gossip Game’s’ JasFly Says Don’t Blame Mona Scott Young For Black Women Fighting On TV

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One of the freshest faces of VH1 reality tv, Jas Fly, is giving another perspective on black women fighting on TV–and it doesn’t involve pointing the finger. After only two episodes, the freelance writer, who now has a gig on ‘Gossip Game‘, is using her personal tumblr to weigh in on watching a few fights on the show. And although she’s inserted herself in the conflict between Ms. Drama and Vivian, she wants to make it quite clear that viewers should not blame one of the show’s producers, Mona Scott-Young, for black women throwing blows on TV.


Read a few excerpts from her post:

I’m tired of watching Black women fight on TV. We’re two episodes into The Gossip Game and last night we witnessed our second fight. Sigh. When I accepted Mona Scott-Young’s invitation to sit down for a casting meeting, I was more than skeptical. This was three weeks into Love & Hip Hop ATL and all that kept running through my mind was ‘she’s not gonna do me like she does these other women.’ And as soon as I sat down – in front of Vh1 execs, show creator Tone Boots and his team and the network casting department – I told her as much. Mona heard me out and then informed me that she never set out to abuse Black women. And that she didn’t prompt Stevie J to keep both a mistress and a wife. All she does is give a look inside their lives.

She continues:

Sometimes, we as Black women don’t treat one another very well. Societal factors have made us defensive and (often times) insecure about who we are and afraid of who we are not. We’ve been told that we’re all in competition over men, jobs, friends, adoration, etc. And because we are such an insular culture – Black woman are known for watching/dating/buying/talking/living in our Blackness – we turn a great deal of frustration back on one another. We’re so hyper-sensitive to criticism (because we’re SO over criticized)that in the moment we often can’t discern between someone attacking us and someone trying to help us. It’s hard to see kinship in someone you’re determined to make your enemy. So (often times) we fight.

I couldn’t get mad at Mona for the fights that happened between Drama and Viv. Not when I was dealing with the very same things (via toxic email threads, vicious sub-tweets, subversive moves against me etc) in my own life. Mona didn’t make those two women fight. In that moment, instead of risking being hurt or hearing something they didn’t want to, they chose to antagonize one another. This choice is made every single day. And I couldn’t expect Mona to create a television show about us and ask her not to show all of it, including the parts we’re not proud of. So we can continue to complain about how we’re portrayed on television. Or we can candidly address how we treat each other in real life.

Is JasFly right? Is Mona to blame for the drama (entertainment) that we watch on TV? Or are we (*raises hand*) to blame? 

[Jas Fly]

  • The Mrs

    I’m torn with this one. Is she all to blame no, but could she use this platform to show women in a more positive light yes. We would still watch if they werent fighting. Whats that show My wife and kids we used to love that show. It was based off of a loving family. Same as the Cosby show. Where are the shows at like that to show the young kids and to give them something to look up to? And yes we are also to blame, but its being shoved down our throats all day as news also. I keep saying this is not real news this mess used to be in the cheap magazines that you would read in the grocery line, and then put it back before you checked out.

    • DIVA

      Well said @ “The Mrs”…I agree.

    • Miss AG

      Pause: My Wife and Kids, The Coby Show, EVE, Martin were not “Reality Shows” Scripted sitcoms are still on tv just not being viewed because ppl are stuck on these “reality shows”. I used to be too (RHOA) but the neg became too much and this was seasons ago so….no, these shows are not being pushed down anyones yhroa u have options and if ppl stop watching see how fast the get canceled. So I will say she does “let” them fight but it’s accepted as it brings in ratings + viewers reward them by watching.

      I don’t watch but TheJasmineBrand keeps me informed and so imma say this -> All y’all are to be blamed..LOL

      • Miss AG

        Correction: …does not “let” them fight….

  • MK

    Sometimes, we as Black women don’t treat one another very well. Societal factors have made us defensive and (often times) insecure about who we are and afraid of who we are not.

    That quote was actually on point. I would have to agree with Jas to a certain extent. It is a choice on how you portray yourself on TV and in real life. If all we give them to show on TV is everything except positivity, that’s what they will show. But let’s not act like just because women fight on TV that that’s what represents us as a whole. We fight, we have fun, we hate each other, we love each other, just like any other race. We have our issues. We also have alot of victories. We just have to support a WIDE range of images portrayed in the media, including the positive ones (which we often don’t). That’s where the issue comes in.

  • the truth

    who do we blame if its not the show producers or the media? how about people like JASFLY!!!! She claims to hate watching it but when they put cameras in her face she “folded” “conformed to” & “proved” what she is now “dissing”. We are all flawed humans but we all dont get a chance to be on camera for a national channel. As someone so “high on her highhorse” Jasfly’s intelligent words are cancelled out by her actions. She is not a journalist, she is a glorifed blogger. If anybody on earth besides the cast siad these things, i would agree 1000%. But someone tell Jas she had her chance to show and prove so nobody wants to hear her high moral values after the fact. and that is the truth.