Janet Hubert Continues Rant Against Kenya Moore: You are sad, mean & manipulative.

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We’ve lost count with the back and forth between Janet Hubert and Kenya Moore. As you know, the two have been disputing over the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s pilot, Life Twirls On. Long story short, Janet claims that she has not been properly compensated. Kenya, on the other hand, claims to have paid her.

Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert

In the meantime, Janet has continued to voice and vent her frustration about Kenya, using her personal Facebook page as her platform. On Thursday, Janet blasted Kenya referring to her as ‘slime’, ‘whoa man’ and even took a jab at Kenya’s ex-boyfriend, the recently discovered married James Freeman. Check out her latest not-so-nice words about the queen of ‘twirl’ below.

From one pile of sh*t to the next. You the media thirst for the excrement of this whoa-man. Every one who comes in contact with this she-spider… will be bit. I am happy to say I finally got the right check, number 3 from this ish. I do not have it as yet but it was sent to my union with the wrong address. She was found guilty of forging my signature and changing the time sheets, and was ordered by SAG to pay the correct amount. Criminal charges cannot be dropped.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta