[WATCH] Torrei Hart Spoofs ‘Instagram Straight Flexin’

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I’ll admit, I too have been dooped into believing that someone’s life is so effin’ fantastic, thanks to those fancy pics that they post on Instagram. And I know I’m not alone. Whether it’s actually believing that one of your peers owns 12,356 pairs of red bottoms or that they’re being spoiled with endless gifts and trips by their boyfriend (that they never show a photo of) 365 days of the year–it all goes down, compliments of Instagram trickery.

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It’s good to know that we aren’t the only ones taking notice. Torrei Hart and Simone Shepherd, also know as, Pretty Funny Fish, have released their latest sketch “Instagram Flexin’.” which defines flexin’ as”

“Fraudulent Behavior displayed by lame people, a.k.a. bum b*tches, on Instagram. In their efforts to appear cooler than they are.”
Both women explained the motivation behind the sketch:
“The song is hot and social-media is hot, this sketch blends two very familiar worlds together and gives a glimpse into the real world of what many people experience daily on Instagram. Overall it’s more about being comfortable and confident with YOU; regardless of what you see everyday. We are inundated daily with “stuff” from TV, online, newspapers, and social media sites. You can’t believe everything you see and hear. We use comedy to illustrate to our viewers the reality of the world we live in.”
Watch and laugh below.