[New Music] Beyoncé & André 3000 ‘Back to Black’

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beyonce-andre 3000-back to black-the great gatsby-the jasmine brand

Finally, the full version of Beyonce and Andre 3000’s tribute, to Amy Winehouse, ‘Back to Black’ has leaked. The track, which will be featured on ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack (produced by Jay-Z), was played during DJ/producer Mark Ronson East Village Radio mixshow on Friday night.


the great gatsby soundtrack-beyonce-andre 3000-back to black-the jasmine brand

Recently, the song caused a bit of controversy when Amy’s father, Mitch, said that he wasn’t impressed with the version that Bey and 3 Stacks had done. Speaking to The Daily Mail, Winehouse said that no one asked his permission for the cover, which he says “doesn’t bring anything” to his daughter’s original.

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Anywho, listen to the track below and chime in on whether or not Beyonce and Andre 3000 pulled the cover off.

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  • This BARELY sounds like the original. Mitch Winehouse needs to shut the hell up. This song is a “tribute”. They could have EASILY used different lyrics with this song and had something totally different. Be happy that someone is still thinking enough of Amy to pay homage… while everybody else just dismissed her as another dead junkie!

  • iheartmusic

    Beyonce is known to ask for forgiveness rather than for permission.Im thinking her husband taught her that.I hardly think those who really love music (real music) dismissed her as another dead junkie.She was a very talented artist.It would be nice for her to make a donation but prob wont happen.I like this song.But no matter how different it sounds,its still Amy’s song.

  • Anonymous

    The song is just for a part in a movie not for sale. They were not recording it verbatim. It sounds okay. People are so critical.

  • Miss AG

    Ok, so, I luv me some André 3000 and he set the tone for this song so when Beyonce came on André had already pulled me in. I honestly like this song.

    Amy will forever own it, but I do like this spin.

  • W4TM

    I need to see the movie… Help put this version into perspective.

    Andre 3000 can do no wrong in my book!

  • CocktailJay

    This song sounds like crap. I don’t care if they are two of my FAVORITE artist…crap is crap. This is good for a movie score…but I hope it doesn’t make a soundtrack.