[INTERVIEW] ‘Married 2 Medicine’s’ Mariah Huq Talks Ms. Lucy, Hints At Second Season & Doesn’t Want Cast Mate Kari Wells to Return

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The first season of BRAVO’s ‘Married 2 Medicine‘ is officially over! This week, the two-part reunion special aired, bringing the entire cast together in one room, for lots of entertainment, conflict and shade. Last night, for a second time, we chatted with the show’s creator, Mariah Huq, via a candid Twitter Interview. Using the #tjbchat hashtag, the self proclaimed ‘Queen Bee’ spoke honestly about her fear of viewers criticism about her mother (Ms. Lucy), her biggest regret on the show and she even hinted on who may NOT return for season 2 (and yes, there will be a second season). Check out our conversation below.

Jasmine BRAND

1st question. Have you spoken to any of the cast, since the reunion was taped? #tjbchat

Mariah Huq

Yes, I have spoken with everyone except Kari #tjbchat

Jasmine BRAND

After watching the reunion, do you have any regrets? #tjbchat #Married2Med

Mariah Huq

Yes, ma’am I hate I allowed Lauren to approach Toya & the adoption comment I made to Jackie. Acted out of Emotion #tjbchat

Jasmine BRAND

Your mother Ms Lucy was entertaining & outspoken. Who’s decision was it for her to be on the show and were you nervous with how viewers would receive your mother? #tjbchat #Married2Med

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 9.17.16 AM

Mariah Huq

Huntey my mom being on the show was strictly the producers & her decision. I was very nervous about it … Yes, I was & I didn’t want my mom to be ridiculed & scrutinized b/c she isn’t a part of the cast #tjbchat #married2med

Jasmine BRAND

Everyone keeps tweeting me to ask this question….what does the future hold for a season two–Likely? Highly unlikely? Or when hell freezes over? ;) #tjbchat #Married2Med

Mariah Huq

Season 2 is very likely…the same 6 ladies Very very UNLIKELY! #Catch

Jasmine BRAND

Hypothetically speaking, who would NOT be invited back for a season two, if the decision was left up 2 u? #tjbchat #Married2Med

Mariah Huq

Left up to me – would definitely be done with Kari! She is a Fraud! Can’t do liars … Toya is halfway there with me as well! Anyone who goes for kids & not be remorseful is #deep! #tjbchat #married2med

Jasmine BRAND

Why did you chose Bravo, as opposed to other networks like Vh1, TLC, the Style Nework, etc. #tjbchat #Married2Med

Mariah Huq

[The show was] also picked up by TLC but I thought Bravo was the place for us –right audience, right producers & track record #tjbchat

Jasmine BRAND

Has your daughter, Lauren, watched any of the episodes? #tjbchat #Married2Med

Mariah Huq

Absolutely not. Unfortunately, her classmates have but she has only seen scenes with her & Ethan playing etc.. #tjbchat

Jasmine BRAND

What’s next 4 u? Are u working on any new shows, projects, etc.? #tjbchat #Married2Med

Mariah Huq

A lot! Working behind the scenes on another show and my jewel & jewel pajama brand is hitting stores late summer #tjbchat

For all things Mariah Huq, follow her at @iluvmariahWhat are your thoughts on a second season–Should the entire cast return? 

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 9.27.36 AM

P.S. Check out our first interview, earlier this season.


10 Comments to “[INTERVIEW] ‘Married 2 Medicine’s’ Mariah Huq Talks Ms. Lucy, Hints At Second Season & Doesn’t Want Cast Mate Kari Wells to Return”

  1. The Mrs says:

    anywhere we can watch the reunion show??

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Mariah but Kari do need to go and toya wouldnt be missed either … sorry…but its the truth

  3. jan says:

    Mariah, her mom & Quad are Thugs with absolutely no class!

  4. Nurse Joy says:

    I just watched the reunion pt 1& 2 on youtube

  5. secsi says:

    Mariah and Quad make the show ….I would watch one with just them

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cant wait for season two hunty!! Check ya emails!!!!!!

  7. Cathy says:

    I love the show, please return soon.

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