Singer Ameriie Addresses Homewrecker Rumors & Beyonce Comparisons [VIDEO]

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She’s back! Sorta. Most of us haven’t seen singer Ameriie (real name Amerie Mi Marie Rogers) in years, but this week, she took her talents to The Breakfast Club. Most of us haven’t heard a peep from the DC native, since her ‘One Thing’ hit, but she says she’s been working on a new EP (released today) and some non-musical projects. Check out a few excerpts where she discusses comparisons to Beyonce, rumors of her being a home-wrecker and why she never chased fame.

On some saying Ameriie should have been a star:

It’s timing…I still feel like I haven’t reached my peak yet…It’s all timing.

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Disappearing from the music scene/public eye: 

Going from label to label, that’s part of it. It always took so long…For me, I would record an album and by the time we’re ready to put it out …I was like I’m on to the next thing.

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Rumors that her manager (Lenny Nicholson), who she is married to, ruined her career:

He’s actually very supportive…Actually, he helped a lot of things. ‘One Thing’ really came from his involvement.

Not chasing attention:

I don’t really chase after fame…People ask me to do reality shows — that’s not me.

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If she felt Beyonce was trying to imitate her:

No, I wouldn’t say that. A lot of people are going to say different things, but it’s like what I was saying — artists, we’re all in dialogue with each other. We’re not on an island…We were on the same label but I don’t think that did anything. I know, Jay [Jay Z] really liked my album.

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Rumors she was linked to Jay Z years ago:

Really? I never, ever heard that.

Reports of her stealing her now husband from another woman:

He was never married. When we got together, he was a single guy…I wouldn’t do that cuz that’s not cool.

Watch the full interview below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams