[VIDEO] ‘Married to Med’ Cast Defends, Confesses & Take Shots on Reunion Episode 1

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Similar to the entire season of BRAVO’s new reality, Married 2 Medicine, the reunion show was full of non-stop entertainment. As to be expected, lots of bickering, mixed with a bit of humor, went down between Mariah, Quad, Toya, Keri, Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie, with Andy Cohen as its usual host.

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A few of the highlights included: Code of Conduct (Keri feels strongly that the women should demonstrate etiquete more appropriate behavior), Cue Cards (pulling a note from Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore, Quad pulled out entertaining, descriptive cards throughout the show), Mugshot Mani (darts were thrown about Toya’s DUI charge, along with Quad’s arrest), along with ‘Who Hit It First’ back and forth (Mariah blames the glass, while Toya blames her hair being tugged/touched).

And of course a bit of virtual shade was slung on twitter

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Meanwhile, we did some digging and pulled a few excerpts from the casts recent blog posts, about part 1 of the reunion.

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I’m glad that I was able to apologize to Jackie regarding my comment at The Lemon Squeeze. I never meant to hurt her feelings when I remarked she couldn’t understand my pain as a mother. I know firsthand that anyone can have unconditional love for a child regardless if that person gave birth to the child or not. It was nice to hear both Jackie and Simone explain to Andy that there was no malicious intent on my part as well. It’s no surprise that the altercation between Toya and myself would be discussed. It’s always going to be a touchy subject, but I truly believe that time does heal all wounds.

Dr. Jackie

Well tonight we are STILL trying to diagnose and repair the problem(s)! It’s still some of the same old questions with the main questions being:

1. Did Toya and Eugene mean to spill the beans about Mariah and Aydin’s daughter?

2. Who started the fight?

3. Who is friend or frenemy?

4. Will the ladies stay together for another season?

Well there are a lot of hard questions that went out with some tempers flaring and tears almost falling! The one thing I can say is hopefully wounds can begin to heal and we can all stay married to medicine! I do know I will stand firm representing the calm(est) side of things and keep my reactivity to an all time low because ther I no room for any more drama!


I was very upset to be accused of driving under the influence. This was a very serious accusation, because this is something no one should ever do. And if by chance you find yourself in this situation, take it seriously and count it a grace of God that you or someone else was not hurt in the mist of your foolish actions. God forbid I place myself in a position where I’d have to leave my family or could possibly hurt someone else’s. Driving under the influence is a terrible offense, which is why I am willing to be more than transparent about this issue. At the reunion I did present my driving record to Andy, but unfortunately that was not shown. I have no secrets. Therefore I was more than willing to discuss the matter.

I was a little disappointed with the reunion, because I really thought we were going to have a fair opportunity to discuss important issues that took place during the season, but instead individuals thought it was appropriate to play childish games in the mist of adult conversation. Individuals decided to use props to deflect the viewers attention whenever wrongdoings or silly accusations were being addressed. I find it very difficult to talk to an adult that acts like a child.

I realize EVERYONE has made mistakes this season, but not everyone has kept it real. I’m sorry to see that keeping it real and being honest does not go over well in the Reality TV arena or even sometimes in life. As Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson stated in the movie A Few Good Men, “You want the truth?. . .You can’t handle the truth!” However, I stand firm on truth and honesty being Toya Bush-Harris’ way of life.

Dr. Simone

I couldn’t believe I got so emotional. I was pissed at Mariah for expecting perfection from me and others when she fell short of it herself. I was WRONG WRONG WRONG for not calling her after the fight. I made one simple mistake. I didn’t take anyone’s side because I had no idea why Mariah and Toya were fighting. Eventually, I could see the pain in Mariah’s eyes and understood the depth of destruction in her home from her daughter’s secret being exposed. I apologized for the delay in calling her. She said accepted my apology. How many times can I apologize for the same mistake?

I was so grateful Dr. Jackie spoke out with some of her thoughts during Reunion (thanks Andy for asking all of the right questions). We didn’t hear as much from her during the season because she tends to think “Silence is golden” when everyone is dying to know what is on her mind. She made some “golden” points.

The exchange between Quad and Toya and Quad and Kari was funny. As usual, Quad came prepared with her speaking points and props! The theme song created for Quad was perfect. I was waiting to become a target of those points and props but I narrowly escaped it for tonight. Whew, what a relief! I’m not on her good side but at least, I’m not on her “most hated” side . . .yet.
Multiple personalities and multiple issues among friends really created an interesting division.


I spoke my truth, often having to try and squeeze my words in as some of the ladies rudely talked over me. It was exhausting. One of the middle school girls, “Quad,” packed her school bag with childish little signs to hold up when others were speaking, constantly interrupting you in a way to belittle what you were saying.  It was just like going back in time and once again being around immature middle school behavior. Mean Girls 2. It must really be sad to have nothing else going on that you have to make up things about other people. Inflammatory lies to get a rise out of people. What a waste of a life. It clearly shows they just are jealous little girls. The rest of the cast, the sane ones, do not take what others are saying as malice, but if you make one minute comment about Mariah or Quad, you will hear about it over and over all season long in their blame game. Refusing to take responsibility for their actions, so they blame.

Peep a few clips.

If you tuned in, what were your thoughts overall about part 1 of the reunion show? Whose side are you on in the Toya vs. Mariah beef or are both at fault? And do you predict a second season with the same cast?