[Photos] Updated: Why Faith Evans Was Missing From ‘R&B Divas’ Reunion Show + Behind The Scenes Photos

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Soulful singer Faith Evans continues to prove that reality TV just isn’t a priority for her these days. Specifically, her involvement in TV One’s ‘R&B Divas’, which she is a co-executive producer of. If you’ve followed this season, you’ll note that Faith has remained absent for most of the episodes and doesn’t appear to live in Atlanta during the taping–she now resides in Los Angeles.

faith evans missing-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

What’s more? She was also missing in action during the season 2 reunion taping. Why? Faith did celebrate her 40th birthday this week, so perhaps she in a celebratory mode.

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 6.39.37 AM

Or perhaps the drama from this season was too much for her. Nonetheless, the reunion went down, w/out Faith, with other cast members executive producer Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone, Keke Wyatt and LaTocha Scott. Anywho, the reunion show, which is described as ‘explosive’ was filmed in LA and became very heated between cast members Nicci, Syleena and Angie Stone. Peep some of the behind the scenes photos.

group shot-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

latocha scott-keke wyatt-syleena johnson-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

nicci gilbert-on couch-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

syleena johnson-keke wyatt-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

syleena johnson-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

latocha scott-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

monifah-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

nicci gilbert-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

keke palmer-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

angie stone-r&b divas reunion-season 2-the jasmine brand

The two part reunion show airs June 26th and July 10th. ******************UPDATED 5:33 EST*************************

We stand corrected. One of the show’s producers has responded as to Faith’s absence. Reportedly, Faith had taped her segment for the reunion on another day, as she had another commitment on the day that the rest of the cast shot the reunion episode. Soooo, it looks like we will see Faith on the reunion show, just not in the same segment as the rest of the cast. Stay tuned!


  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see the reunion. I like the show but I really do not care for Nicci. Nicci made Syleena out to be this bad person in the show but really I saw Nicci as the bad person. Nicci acted like they where in high school trying to turn all the women against Syleena. I think Nicci could not handle the fact that Syleena was not going to kiss her [email protected]%. I also like the fact how when Nicci was talking bad about Syleena to LaTocha, LaTocha said she want to get to know Syleena for herself and she wasn’t going to take Nicci word on how Syleena was and what it made LaTocha do was keep her eye on Nicci. Nicci need to grow up…she too controling and think that she is the leader and all the ladies have to follow behind her and do what she say do but Syleena is a woman and she wasn’t having it. Then Nicci had the nerve to brain wash everybody into thinking that Syleena sister is the one that put out the email about the tour and that lady had nothing to do with that email. Nicci bad mouthed Syleena alot to the women but I never saw Syleena cornering off the other women bad mouthing Nicci.

    • Edot

      I love this show, I’m trying hard not to be bias but Nicki is a real b****. She is sneaky, manipulative, extremely fake and dealing with some real issues. I want to like her so bad but I can’t stand her attitude. I agree, she acts very high school-ish and need to get her life

    • Opinionated

      I totally agree on Nicci being manipulative and just plain nasty. You could tell from her reaction to Angie’s question about the charity that she was not thinking that someone would question it. She RESPONDED YES

      • Opinionated

        when Angie asked her if it was a charity. That was her opportunity clarify ANYTHING, and she didn’t. She made a face like “$hit, I didn’t think of that.” Not only that, she established it AFTER she was put on FRONT STREET about her Charity.

        Anybody who supports her in her lies is a DANG FOOL. She is about HERSELF, and she said it herself.

        She is not a genuine person.

  • Khloe

    I love the show, but as the other poster said Nicci is very dramatic. I don’t get how she can hate Syleena but in the next scene ask them all to sing with her for a charity event. Who evens remembers Brownstone except that one song they had? Girlfriend needs a major reality check. She may be the executive producer but she is definitely not the big star of the show. And what I also don’t understand about the show is that I thought they were coming together to do an album and work on music together. Now we never see them in the studio collectively anymore and everyone seems focused mostly on their own projects or reuniting with their former groups . I didn’t think that was the premise of the show…

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE KEKE ..

  • m&m

    Nicci and Keke are giving LIFE in the all white! work it ladies!

    • Black Gums Nicci

      Nicci looks a mess, stop gassing her up.

  • DIVA

    I love the show but I really want Nicci off the show. Niccis is evil and she shows it. I loved how Angie checked her about that charity event when it really was a coming out for Brownstone. Nicci lied and made it sound like a charity event but really it was a coming out for Brownstone (I really don’t even remember they songs to be honest…lol). That is why she wanted the RB DIVA’s on the program because she knew people would come out to see Angie, Syleena, LaTocha, Monifah & KeKe but nobody is coming to see Brownstone. Nicci also was scheming up her on tour that is why she didn’t want to do the tour that Syleena sister was trying to plan for them. Nicci is bad energy on the show and I thought this show was going to be some positive black women trying to come back out with they music & tour as well. Nicci trying to make this another Basketball Wives and aint nobody got time to be watching women fight. What happened to sisterhood? Replace Nicci pleasssssse. :)

    • Opinionated

      @Diva You are so right. She doesn’t like other people’s great ideas and tries to make it her own. She didn’t want to tour but she wants them to tour but with her and “her group”? What sense does that make?

      The other ladies from Brownstone need to replace her and start another group singing grown people’s music; THEY DON’T NEED HER!

      She does need to be replaced from the show. I hope that Keke and Monifah saw a different side of her when they saw the show.

  • ladytee

    Love the show never knew why Faith was on their to begin with she’s been a Diva a long time ago love her

  • Opinionated

    I think Syleena hit it right on the nail when she said Nicci created division, and I am glad she called her out on it.

    “I am going to do what the devil hasn’t done to you…leave you alone.” EPIC and very fitting!

    She is a negative charge on the show!

  • T.T.

    Love the show :) Where can I find the black couch the ladies were sitting on?

  • I agree… this is crazy. I loved the show

  • I have been watching the show and Nicci is a evil woman who need Jesus. She is argumentive and headstrong. She cuss like a sailor and need to stop and think before she speak. I was so happy when this show first aired but now it upset me that these talented Black woman can not get along. They should be an example and encouragement to other young black women .I know that this type of behavior is also on the white shows. I pray that they learn to get along and remove the devil who only purpose is to destroy.

  • ChiTown Kisha

    Who is the wizard that they were speaking of? Has anyone else figured that out? #syleenafan

  • Mia

    Can somebody please tell me which song (30:05 mark) the dj was playing on the reunion show? Pleaseee help me i really want to know cause i loveee that song! :)

  • Cheri

    Monifah and Terez should have a show. I love them together. Otherwise the show has gotten too negative for me (thanks Nicci). Not gonna watch the LA season or a season 3 of Atlanta if there is one.

  • king pen

    As much as ppl hate Nicci she keeps the show interesting. I’m not a huge fan of hers but who would wanna watch a bunch of former yesteryear singers kissing eachothersass.I loooove Miss.Angie tho,great additio