[WATCH] Do Things Get Physical On The New Season of ‘R & B Divas’?


Once again it’s on! This week, TV One’s popular reality show, R & B Divas, is back for a second season. All of the usual suspects have returned Monifah Carter, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt, along with two new faces Latocha Scott and Angie Stone. But that’s not what we’re most excited about. We got our hands on a new trailer for the show and it appears that a bit of ratchedenss has seeped into the sassy cast members. In the clip, there are accusations flowing that things may’ve gotten physical between the two, which totally makes sense. In a recent interview with CocoaFab, KeKe Wyatt hinted that she almost didn’t return for another season, because of too many freakin fights. Peep the excepts below.

On almost not returning for season two:

I wasn’t really going to come back at first because they was getting on my nerves fighting and carrying on, and I thought this show was supposed to be not all that crap. So they told me that it wasn’t going to be like that this season, which that was a lie, but whatever. I’m on there.

On the fighting this season: 

 I love Nikki and I love Syleena, I love all of ‘em genuinely. It’s real for me, and I just don’t want to see family and friends fighting. It just don’t make no sense. Although they’re not physically fighting, verbally fighting is just as damn bad.

On her thoughts for the new season: 

I’m a stay prayed up for these people.

Peep pics and the video below.





The new season of R & B Divas begins May 1 at 10 PM on TV One.

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