NeNe Leakes Slapped With Lawsuit By Ex-Wedding Planner + The Very Rich Reality Star Says She’ll NEVER Go On Wendy Williams’ Show Again

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A reality TV spin-off, without some behind-the-scenes drama, just doesn’t exist these days. And thanks to Real Housewives of Atlanta’s spin-off special, I Dream Of NeNe (starring NeNe Leakes) the drama has ensued. On Friday, we learned that the Georgia Peach has been hit with a lawsuit by a woman that was initially hired to be her wedding planner for the big day. The woman’s name is Tiffany Cook and she owns a company called Dream Design Weddings & Events. So where’s the beef?

According to the lawsuit, Tiffany claims that she was left high and dry after she was paid a retainer by NeNe. And allegedly Nene was in breach of contract with her. How so? Check out the court documents below:

nene leakes sued by ex wedding planner-the jasmine brand

We’ve also done some digging to find out a bit more about Tiffany. According to her bio, she’s been planning weddings for over 20 years and reality TV isn’t necessarily new for her or her business. She’s been on six seasons of We TV’s “Platinum Weddings.” Some of her celeb clients include Ameriie & fiance Len Nicholson, some NFL players and larger corporations. And guess who else? Porsha and Kordell Stewart were one of her clients, which makes this a bit more interesting, right? Anywho, after news hit about the lawsuit, NeNe responded on twitter, writing:

My wedding planner was Tony Conway & I don’t owe him a dime! My wedding was paid 4 n cash! Tune n Sept 17th @ 9pm on Bravo & see 4 yourself … I don’t roll like that! I’m good 2 everyone that is good 2 me & I pay my bills! Wrong person hunni … I Dream Of Nene coming soon on Bravo! Tune n & see for yourself … U thirsty? Ain’t no water over here 4 ya! LOL … All new brides please do ur homework on these shady wedding planners! Call Tony Conway @ Ledgendary events! He’s the best ..Do Not make me put together my dream team of attorneys hunni! Phaedra Parks, Star Jones & the accident attorney Ken Nugent LOL … I signed a contract wit u? I wrote u a check? Let me call Ken Nugent right now! A accident attorney can handle this 4 sho LOL … Tony Conway wit A Ledgendary Events is the BEST wedding & Event planner ever! Call him! U won’t b disappointed … Pinterest says a lot abt some of these wedding planners! Take a look & google them 2! If they hav done it 2 u, chances r they’ve done it B4

Stay tuned, as we do some more digging. [Courtney Luv]

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And in more NeNe Leakes news, it looks like she and Wendy Williams are no longer on good terms. You’ll recall that NeNe has been a guest on Wendy’s show a number of times, but as of late, things must be going sour between both larger than life personalities. Why? We suspect it’s because Wendy has been critical of NeNe, voicing her two cents on her show during her ‘Hot Topics’ segment.

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During a recent twitter chat, NeNe said that she’d never go on Wendy’s show again, nor does she know ‘what happened’ to their friendship.

Screen shot 2013-07-26 at 6.57.23 PM

May I say this? I can imagine that’s it’s tricky for these two women to have a ‘real’ friendship without there being a conflict of interest. The theme of Wendy’s show is ‘Say It Like You Mean It!’, which I’m sure is hard to do when you’re friends with a celeb that is an ongoing ‘Hot Topic’ in pop culture. Anywho, we hope that they patch things up, right?!

[Courtney Luv]

  • kim

    Nene,what took you so long?I wondered why you would be on Wendys show from the beginning.I always thought she spoke badly about you.I would watch her show and she would make rude comments about you.I would look up after that and you would be on her show.Good for you,I have stopped watching her show as much as I use too.She is so phony,I wonder why so many people can’t see through her fakeness?

  • Miss AG

    Wendy Nene Wendy Nene…..too similar

    • DIVA

      Exactly, that’s what the problem is they are both alike. NeNe need to pay her debt. She is always in the news for doing something or somebody wrong you never hear about NeNe doing anything good towards somebody or something. She always has something bad to say…too negative for me. I won’t be watching her spin off.

  • Confused

    It is just a matter of time before Nene will have to eat her “I’m Rich” words. She was part of a new NBC show that is now canceled. One show does not make you rich – ask the thousands of actors who have been in sitcoms that did not make it past season one. All she has now is Bravo, and I guess a pizza place? I hope she’s saving.