[VIDEO] Jay-Z Surprises Beyoncé During Philly Concert + Timmy Kelly Gets Some Shine During ‘Mrs. Carter Show’

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Traveling on the road non-stop, has got to be a struggle, for even a woman with super powers like Beyoncé.

jayz-surprises beyonce-philly show-mrs cartershow-the jasmine brand

Both she and her husband appear to have grueling schedules, but have no fear, spontaneous moments like the one last night prove EVERYONE makes time for whom they love :) This week, Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter Show‘ made a pit stop in Philadelphia. During the end of her set, while she introduced her team (singers, dancers, musicians, etc.), Jay-Z hopped on stage, surprising both Beyonce and the audience. Don’t blink, but watch footage of him running on stage, stealing a kiss and then whisking off.

Cute. Another tear-joking moment also went down in Philly. One of Beyonce’s biggest fans, a charismatic young man named Timmy Kelly who happens to be blind, was front row. And from the looks of things, he knows every single Beyonce song, word and note. During her show, Beyonce gave Timmy the mic and for about 30 seconds, he sang his heart out to ‘Irreplaceable’. Peep the footage.

If Timmy’s name sounds familiar it’s because Beyonce wrote him an open letter last year, congratulating him on being accepted to Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance.

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