Dawn Robinson Says She Skipped R&B Divas LA Reunion Because of the ‘Buffoonery’ + Is Lil Mo Throwing Subtle Jabs At ATL Divas?

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This week, part one of the reunion show of ‘R&B Divas LA’ aired, with talk show host Wendy Williams. As previously reported, cast member Dawn Robinson was missing in action. Initially, some speculated that she skipped the taping because of her displeasure about the show, while others think she had a scheduling conflict. While the reunion aired, she took to twitter explaining why she opted out:

Tweeties, most of u already heard that I did NOT do the reunion, (((GASP))) lol! Ppl act like I missed the 2nd coming of Christ lol! I didnt do it bcuz I dont do bufoonery. I get enuff of that here on my page everyday! Thx 4 understanding…DEETS coming soon xo!

Interesting. And if it isn’t already clear that the ‘Divas’ are absolutely divided, peep the latest cover of KONTROL magazine.


Three out of the six cast members, Chante, Claudette and Lil Mo are sharing the latest cover of KONTROL. Peep a few excerpts from the interview.

On why they decided to do reality TV and why they opted for the LA spin-off, as opposed to Atlanta:

Lil Mo: I never thought in a million years I’d do reality TV but I’m glad that I did because it’s given me an opportunity to get back out there and really promote what I love to do which is music. I was asked about the Atlanta cast but when I found out about LA, I knew I was a better fit.

Claudette: I’ve been approached to do reality TV but I wanted to make sure this was something worth pursuing seeing as I have three children. I didn’t want it to be exploitive and negative.

Chante: I was asked to share my life and the focus was going to be on my music, that’s what I liked about it.

On what makes the LA cast different from Atlanta:

Claudette: The location makes a difference

Lil Mo: We have more notable songs and we’re cuter, young hip hop and r&b. We act younger and more fun.

P.S. Did Lil Mo accidentally throw some jabs at the ATL cast or was she just speaking the truth??? UPDATED: Lil Mo recently clarified the statement above:

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 12.20.55 PM


Click here to read the full interview.


    I was kind of glad she wasn’t at the reunion…I spend way too much time turning up the TV volume and leaning forward when she [whispers] talks. Very annoying.

  • m&m

    lol- yes lil mo was throwing jabs! but she was right! This cast comes off WAYYYYYY younger than grandma’s of ATL. I think once they added Angie Stone, everyone started going to sleep. Keke is just plain old weird and disgusting in a boy way (who laughs, burps, and passes gas around other adults) and having her husband present 24/7 was just plain creepy and annoying, like who was watching their other 52 kids?, LoTocha was just plain…you can tell she was nervous and having flashbacks from Xcape, Nicci was interesting a bit sensitive but good overall, Syleena CLEARLY had issues and when they added her momma the damn on that drama broke wide open. so yes R&B Diva’s Atl is strange, corky, weird, odd and very slower and older when compared to LA. Dawn missing….she was gone??? (enough said). I’ll certainly watch a season 2. But they need to give that catty Judy of an executive producer a sit down- Phil T, you know your wrong.

  • love

    LOVE LIL MO!! So real. LOVE Wendy. That was a real interview. I thinking it, and Wendy asked it!! Thank you!

  • Genae


  • Genae


  • Kia

    Dawn Robinson with her dried up azz eggs is a punk Kelly probably told her not to and since she’s scared of BIG Kelly she didn’t come. I really don’t like her anyway. I did like Kelly but damn the way she acted on that director. I know for a fact she lost some fans so that BS about her being booked is BS there isn’t to many people that probably don’t even like her big crazy azz. Acting hood and suppose to be a woman of God. Kelly God don’t like ugly.

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  • Anonymous

    I so like the cast of LA much better they are more interesting and their people i would rather watch. Atl divas should have been the Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson show guest starring the others and Keke Wyatt can sing but has she ever had a record without avant. To be honest the show needed Angie Stone someone who could pull the divas cards instead of doing a tour they were just being immature do they or do they not want to make money which let me know why some of their careers didn’t go anywhere on atl

  • cdm