[Photos] Dawn Robinson Skips Out On RB Divas LA Reunion, Lil Mo Defends Her Husband’s Appearance ‘We’re The Ghetto Fab Version of Beyonce & Jay Z’ + Peep the Reunion Pix

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The speculation continues with the behind-the-scenes drama over on the set of ‘R&B Divas LA‘. On Monday, we shared reports that Dawn Robinson was none too pleased with some of the editing at TV One’s hit show and how her cast mate, Kelly Price is being portrayed. And we’ve recently learned that Dawn was M.I.A. (missing in action) at the reunion show, hosted by Wendy Williams.

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Her absence was confirmed by executive producer Phil Thornton, however as to why she decided not to attend was not clarified. And it’s clearly evident that she didn’t make the filming, thanks to the photos above. Some suggest that she skipped the taping because of her displeasure about the show, while others think she had a scheduling conflict. Nonetheless, we’re interested to see the reunion show and hope that Dawn responds to why she was a no show.

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And in more R&B Divas news, Lil Mo is barking back at folk (negatively) commenting on her husband (Phillip’s) appearance on the show.

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On her TV One Blog she wrote:

I think Phillip and I work so well together because we are BOTH passionate about each other and music. When I’m in the booth (music) he is the BOSS and vice versa!  It just works for us!  Don’t get me wrong, the KIDS and my HUSBAND get on my nerves but that’s life.  Drama and conflict definitely happen but we resolve it.  We respect each other and are committed to making it work.  Our covenant with each other is not to go to bed angry no matter what!!!! We never compromise our integrity as Christians.

She continued:

Folks have been talking on TWITTER about my husband’s style and saying he looks like he stinks!   MY HUSBAND DOES NOT STINK.  My husband and I are the ghetto fabulous version of Jay-Z and Beyoncé LOL!  Remember when Jay didn’t shave when he was working on a new album well…… Phillip has his own style and NO he don’t stink and I like it!  He used to have long dreads back in the day but now his barber has trained his hair to grow like that.  People pay good money to get their twisted but my honey’s fro is all natural!!!!

At least she has a sense of humor about it, right?