Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Joins Talk Show, ‘Tiny Tonight’

Tiny Tonight 2012

Last December, fans were introduced to ‘Tiny Tonight‘. The VH1 talk show, created by Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris (the wife of rapper T.I.), included co-stars, Tamar Braxton, Trina and Claudia Jordan. The 60-minute show featured segments on hot topics and entertainment news. When the show initially aired, Tiny gave a break-down of each co-hosts personality:

I would say that Trina is reserved. Tamar is very funky. She’s vibrant and she says whatever. Claudia is straight to the point and very classy. I’m always the one to settle things; I’m the one they come to for advice. I’m that person that can help calm things down. I’m the neutral one that gives the advice and helps others.

She continued:

Everyone’s enjoying each other… It’s great that you don’t have somebody that agrees with everything. It wouldn’t make a show if everybody had the same thoughts and felt the same way.

Fast forward to the present day and ‘Tiny Tonight’ has been on hiatus. One of the show’s co-hosts, Tamar Braxton, left the show and is now a co-host of ‘The Real (jury’s still out on whether this show will return after it’s pilot season ended last month).  In an interview with Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, Tamar explained that she initially did ‘Tiny Tonight’ as a favor for her good friend, Tiny:

I’m not doing the show anymore. I did that. Well you know, I only actually  agreed to do two from the beginning. Because Tiny and I are really good friends.  So like I told her I would do it and that’s it. I’m saying that I wasn’t  scheduled to do it in the first place.

So what’s the latest? It looks like ‘Tiny Tonight’ will be returning, but with a new co-host. This week, Tami Roman, of Basketball Wives, confirmed that she’d be joining the show.

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The reality star announced on twitter:

Joining the girls of Tiny Tonight, cant wait 2work w/ @TinyMajorMama TRINArockstarr & @claudiajordan -Thank U Tiny!

Claudia chimed in welcoming her new colleague to the show:

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 4.34.59 AM
What are your thoughts on adding Tami Roman to the show? Will she be able to fill Tamar’s shoes? And do you plan on watching?

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