[Audio] Tamar Braxton Explains Why She Zapped Out On Her ‘Hot Sugar’ Video Director + Being Categorized As ‘Messy’

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With a certified platinum single, successful album and new addition to the family with baby Logan, Tamar Braxton has had quite a year. Now on a 25-city tour with John Legend, the 36-year-old recently spoke with The Russ Parr Show about the controversial ‘Hot Sugar‘ video, being labeled messy and her relationship with The Real co-hosts. Peep the excerpts below.
On the controversy behind the ‘Hot Sugar’ video: 
I shot a video and that’s it. I haven’t seen or heard from him since then…I am ecstatic about the video, people have their won opinions about it but you know what I stand behind my work and if I didn’t believe in it I would have never put it out. If you don’t like it then don’t watch because some people do because cause it got over two million views in less than a week. That’s not losing.
The biggest misconception that she starts ‘mess’:
I’m very professional, I’m on time, I’m really into my work, I’m really passionate about my work. All of these nonsense stories that surround me, is really not my life, really.
Rumors that she didn’t get along with ‘The Real’ co-hosts: 
That’s hilarious, cause you know me and the girls got along really, really well. As a matter of fact, I found three fabulous, fabulous good friends out of it and I feel like they are apart of my life and they will be apart of my life forever whether the show gets picked up or not. All that other nonsense, you just gotta take it in stride and pray for people and keep it moving.
Listen to the interview here.

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  • Dee

    I actually like Tamar. I was very surprised when I heard how good she sound. Every song has been a hit and I want the Love and War and her Christmas CD. With that being said, Hot Suga is a hot mess. I just saw the video and it was horrible! She don’t want to be R&B but she shines in that, not the ratchet pop she loves so much :( I wish she could realize that.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Tamar knows the video got over 2 million hits because the hit counted once you clicked to view video. Those hits could just be curiosity to see WHY people thought the video sucked. She is just trying to do damage control for her twitter outburst on the subject matter. She doesn’t seem to like criticism of any sorts, but definitely dishes it out.

    • Anala


  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of Tomorrow Braxton – not a fan at all.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t like her at first because she acts childess, but I think she will grow up since she is a mommy now. I have not seen the video but she has a beautiful voice and should stick to R&B. She cannot compete with rihanna or beyonce.