[WATCH] Awkward Much? Omarosa & Bethenny Get In Heated Argument, Resulting In A $10k Bet

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Does the term put your money where your mouth is mean anything to you? 

Reality star turned talk show host Bethenny learned the hard way, in front of a live audience. This week, Omarosa visited Bethenny and the two got into a bit of an exchange over alleged comments that Bethenny made at ‘The View’.

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In short, Omarosa was under the impression that she and Bethenny were friends, and felt a bit disappointed when Bethenny made some not so nice comments about her. Omarosa explained:

I actually thought we were friends…So, maybe you were just trying to use that to get information..To go on ‘The View’ and bad mouth me to my friend, it’s bad forum…

She continued:

It’s different for you and I, I’m an African American woman…You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things….We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business…I wasn’t calling her mediocre …

Bethenny, responded:

I meant what I said…I invited you here because you now, I don’t think that you have a brand. I think that you are infamous that’s what I really think…

Omarosa chimed in with:

Honey, you make cupcakes…I worked on the White House. Get a grip!

Check out how this little situation ended.

Welp, at least that $10K is going to charity.