Is It Too Soon For Atlanta Housewife Porsha Stewart to Jump Into the Dating Pool?

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Eat your heart out Mr. Kordell Stewart! Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart, is venturing out into the dating pool, sorta-kinda. The reality star, who living a very unpleasant and public divorce with her estranged hubby, Kordell Stewart went on date this week, after being set-up by Steve Harvey.

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During her appearance the talk show host played a dating game that resulted in her choosing a gapper gentleman named Kinyumba. Porsha shared a date night photo on Instagram writing:

As you all could see on the show I had a ball with Steve Harvey!????… I ended up choosing Kinyumba

Check out a clip from her date.

Technically, Porsha is still married to Kordell, although the couple is in the process of finalizing their divorce. A few fans and critics has responded to her decision to date publicly. Some suggest that Porsha is still technically married and shouldn’t date until she’s divorced, while others suggest the two are clearly over. What are your thoughts? Should Porsha wait until she’s single again or move on swiftly with her romantic life?

9 Comments to “Is It Too Soon For Atlanta Housewife Porsha Stewart to Jump Into the Dating Pool?”

  1. Cityboy says:

    Porsha, I say go for the Kill…and don’t fckn look back!! ;)

    • Quita says:

      I completely agree that she should go for it. she didnt file for the divorce, Kordell did. So why should she wait it out and be miserable and lonely when she can start rebuilding her life now. Im not saying she should jump in the sac with him or anythong like that but whats the harm in having someone to talk to.

    • DIVA says:

      True! Do it girl…date, date, date and find happiness!

  2. The Mrs says:

    im sure hes not waiting

  3. Anonymous says:

    She should date if her heart is in it. If she feels ready and not for any other purpose.

  4. vapariga says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it, she’s legally separated and almost divorced. Why not?! I wish her the best :-)

  5. Peaches says:

    I see nothing wrong with it. Girl do you and Kordell is the one who filed.

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