Damon Wayans Jr Speaks Out About Baby Mama, Aja Metoyer’s, New Baby With Dwayne Wade

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damon wayans jr-speaks out about aja baby mamas child with dwyane wade-the jasmine brand

Looks like this situation won’t be as messy as we thought. Damon Wayans Jr., the father of Aja Metoyer’s two children, has spoken out for the first time, commenting on her new son with Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade. On Monday, we shared that during his break with his now fiancee, Gabrielle Union, the NBA baller had fathered a one month old son with Aja.

damon wayans jr-speaks out-aja baby mama-dwyane wade-the jasmine brand

Damon Wayans Jr With Daughters & Father, Damon Wayans Sr. [Photo: Black Celebrity Kids]

Aja has two daughters from her previous relationship with Damon. As expected, Damon is quite aware of the sticky situation and unpleasant press that all parties involved have received but his main concern is that he doesn’t want his daughters to

get hurt in any of this.

He told TMZ that their daughters

love their little brother and that’s all I care about.

He and Aja are no longer a couple and he added:

I really have nothing to do with Aja’s situation. We both live completely separate lives, aside from co-parenting.

Aja and D.Wade’s baby Xavier Wade was born on Nov. 10, 2013.


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  • Just Saying

    And I thought Kim Porter had a million dollar womb.

    • love

      Seriously! This is MESS. Gabrielle, R-U-N. Sweetheart, the Lord is trying to tell you something.

      And this woman has been a friend of Dwayne’s for years? WTF! No way, ain’t worth it.

      • Anonymous

        I agree!! Gabby is not paying attention.

        • DIVA

          I agree R-U-N!

  • m&m

    LOL @ million dollar womb!
    Seriously- This makes me re-think the whole acting out behaviors of his ex-wife. That poor woman probably was dragged THROUGH the mud, we just didn’t see it publicly. Only thing we saw was her holding signs outside. If this is what famous Gabby is dealing with publicly, who knows what his ex went through. (yall know can’t nobody spell that girl’s name, which should be spelled Shavon, but its not).

    • DIVA

      I totally agree with you! I would always think that the ex wife was really going through a lot with him and we are on the outside and just don’t know what is going on. I really think Gabby has had many signs to run from this relationship. Yes he gave her a ring but look at when he gave it to her after she was informed of him having another child that’s only a month old. Why the ring now…hmmmm…make you wonder. He gave her that ring to keep her. SMH she need to leave him. Now my heart really goes out to the ex wife because her doing all those things in public was just a cry out to let people know that this man is a DOG…Gabby better watch out because I just believe it is more to come with him.

  • Anonymous

    So much DRAMA!! Wade cheated on his ex wife with Gabby and she knew Wade was still married. Now he has cheated on Gabby with someone else. Lol, Gabby is not going anywhere she is just simply getting her payback from when she was messing around with a married man.

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