[Video] Kevin Clash’s Acuser, Sheldon Stephens, Speaks Out: It Made Me Look Like A Monster

As you know by now the voice of our beloved Elmo, Kevin Clash, has been accused by now two gentleman of underaged sexual encounters. We’ve learned a few details about the two accusers to date, but haven’t heard their side of the story–until now. The first accuser Sheldon Stephens, released a statement to The Insider:

I would like to say my name has been unfairly dragged through the media and it made me look like a monster. The whole world reacted in such a negative way and they haven’t really gotten a chance to know who I am and to even ask the right questions to figure out what kind of person I am. Rather, they reacted off of hearsay and rumors and speculation of the whole situation. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a liar, extortionist.

Watch the full clip below.

Has Stephens story changed your mind about his accusations?

Shannah Edmonds
[The Insider]