[VIDEO] Tamar Braxton Disapproves of Sister Towanda Dating Kordell Stewart: He’s Not A Catch!

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tamar braxton-towanda braxton-kordell stewart dating-bethenny-the jasmine brandIf you wan’t her opinion, chances are she’ll absolutely give it to you. This week, the Braxton sisters (of Braxton Family Values) with the exception of Toni Braxton, visited Bethenny. An interesting exchange took place when Bethenny brought up reports that Towanda was allegedly dating Kordell Stewart. If you’ve followed the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’re aware that last month, Porsha and Kordell Stewart ended their marriage.

towanda braxton-kordell stewart dating-the jasmine brand

Late last year, rumors hit that Kordell was now dating Towanda. In fact, the two were spotted out, hitting the red carpet at an Atlanta event. Well, it appears that the very vocal Tamar Braxton isn’t thrilled that Towanda is dating Kordell. When Betheny asked Towanda if she was currently dating Porsha’s ex-hubby, Towanda shyly remarked:

He’s a really nice guy.

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And in true entertaining Tamar fashion, she interrupted saying that she absolutely is not a fan of their alleged relationship.

Lies! I mean, I wouldn’t consider him a ‘catch’. You know what I’m saying? No shade, no shade, no shade. And this is not milkshake right now. This is all, based upon, you know, what we all saw on the show. You know, she couldn’t go nowhere, she couldn’t do nothing, you know, it’s not cute. Sorry!

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Clearly, there’s some tension surrounding the subject. Towanda replied back

It’s a show….What’s I’m saying is, you also don’t know Kordell. You don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know what actually happened in their marriage. So that was just a one-sided situation. He wasn’t on the show. So she was telling her side of the situation. I don’t know. I don’t care. He’s just a really nice guy, to me. And he’s a great dad. And quite often, people don’t understand, that when you put everything tumultuously like that on television it affects the children.

Kordell’s sexuality was also addressed and neither sister seemed to comfortable with how he’s been labeled ‘gay’.

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Tamar explained:

I heard that, but you know, I don’t like to you know, call nobody or give ’em a crown…I don’t wanna call nobody no queen, if I don’t know. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know that.

Check the clip below.

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    He’s only interested in Towanda because she favors a man! That way he has the best of both worlds!

    • DIVA

      @ Anala – girl you said that (in my Tamar voice) so true I can see that he being interested in her because of that. Too funny – hahahaha – lol

  • Mizz AG

    OMG @ Anala …… well well, lets see how this plays out.

  • siarasheree

    As usual Tamar always has to be seen and heard… clearly the question was for Towanda.. IDC ..Tamar is just so annoying to me.

  • DIVA

    Tamar truly does love her sisters and won’t bit her tongue when she don’t like something. I love how with Tamar she is not going to fake & shake with you. She just says what’s on her mind…sometimes it is not always pleasant but she will let you know upfront and in your face. I like that.

  • Resa

    Good Lord Tamar, give it a rest. Do you love Vincent Herbert w/o his position and $$$. #hellsnah, #youwouldnttouchhimwithatenfootpole, #thataintcute, #nositdownandshutthefup

  • Anonymous

    I thought Towanda and her hubby were still together?! I must have missed something. Either way, these two … not a good looking couple at all, they actually look very awkward together. I think Kordell has a body type, and both Porsha & Towanda have it. But I agree with Tamar, he is not a good catch. eeew.

  • m&m

    Towanda was just dancing with her husband during the episode that aired her birthday party. No shade, but if Kordell is gay and he is seeing Towanda……nuff said. and Tamar is just Tamar, but Towanda certainly has been EXTRA messy lately. Throwing her sister under the bus. She will take a flight to have tea with Tony, but refuses to even call her sister Tamar- what’s up with that?