[VIDEO] RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Pissed At NeNe Leakes For Calling Husband A B***h, Watch Episode 15

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No wonder BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta is bringing in record-breaking numbers! The cast and story lines this season seem to be both entertaining and resonating with viewers. Sunday night, episode 15 aired. Most of the episode, surrounded by tension between both Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes, both of whom hurled twitter insults while the episode aired.

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While Cynthia Bailey encouraged her reality TV bestie, NeNe, to attend Kenya’s Masquerade ball, she now regrets it.

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She explained on Twitter:

I think taking the high road is always classy…I agree with @PeterThomasRHOA that this event was about charity not Kenya..I regret I called her 50,000 time to come to @KenyaMoore event????I thought it was the right thing to do…I left because my husband left not because @NeNeLeakes left.#notaflunkie

She also added that she was insulted that NeNe had said that her husband, Peter, had demonstrated ‘bitch assness’ by interfering in an argument amongst women. Taking aim at NeNe, she wrote:

B*tch Assness? That’s not what friends do. Respect works both ways. I would never call Gregg out of his name. #ever

Interesting. Check out the full episode below.

P.S. Tensions rise on next week’s episode between NeNe and Marlo Hampton, check out the teaser.

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  • Razzi

    i dont even watch this show anymore. But every week, I read about the fights and Nene’s name is always up in the mix. She seems to try and play like she isnt the one starting things. But, for at least the past 3 weeks in a row, her name has been associated with the foolishness that has been going on

    • keesha

      i totally agree. i tuned out about 6 weeks ago. However, my FB timeline and the headlines let me know that i don’t want t support that diva, thug, bully, ratchet behavior.

    • porchia

      NeNe is a bully!! She is so unladylike/ghetto

  • vapariga

    NeNe should’ve stayed home if she really felt that way. That was real tacky, especially because it was for a charity. I like NeNe but her head is really swole, thinking she is on another level! As for her & Peter’s disagreement, she is the one who came back and jumped in his face, Peter was trying to be calm. I would give the bitchassness award to Kenya, Cynthia & Greg — Cynthia for not checking NeNe getting in her mans face + Greg standing there like he didn’t know what to do! As much as NeNe thinks she is better than everyone else, ultimately she is the same old person. That was rachet! And Kenya 1) should’ve made a personal phone call & 2) should not have put NeNe on the spot like that without any discussion first.

    • kim

      I agree with you about Kenya making a phone call.Once again Kenya played everyone.That whole event was a set up.How are you honoring someone and you show up dressed so that all the attention would be on you.NeNe got played.Kenya set it up for NeNe to come and be mad and look like a fool.I’m so glad the other ladies didn’t come.Kenya wanted to hold court while everyone else stood around and acted like her subjects.Why couldn’t she do it for a charity of her own.It didn’t have to be one that NeNe was associated with?She does not fool me I saw through that mess.As far as Peter goes,I agree with NeNe.That was some girl s#&t,he shouldn’t have even gotten involved.Like she said if he was so concerned about the charity why was’nt he in there trying to donate instead of arguing with her.

      • Anonymous

        It seem like Nene should’ve stay home and Kenya used that event as a way of making Nene look bad. I thought maybe Cynthia should’ve called Nene. If she would’ve missed the event, entirely. Kenya is seeking tv time because her storyline is very weak. What does she bring to the show other than her rachet input on others relationship.

        • My Own Opinion

          First, I can tell most people have never attended an high end charity event. Secondly, Nene came to the event and she knew it was the organization that she has supported in the past. For Kenya to ask her to say a few words was only a kind thing to do. Nene showed poor taste. She made a fool of herself, which she has done time and time again.

          • Anonymous

            First of all if this was a high end charity event Kenya would have used better judgement in how she put it together.Secondly ,raising money on bachelor’s is not that classy.Thirdly,if it was high end the guest of honor would have known she was the guest of honor.

  • Tan

    Kenya should have just raised the money for the charity. The professional thing to do would have been to call Nene and say, I would like to honor you at my masquerade ball by giving to one of the charities you support. Are you okay with this, since I am now attaching your name? As far as Nene’s actions, she was not displayed in a good light. She should have not come.
    I will say Nene seems a bit hypocritical, she said a man should stay out of women business, well the same should have been said for Christopher. Nene seems a bit insecure, she says she is on another level than the other ladies. You don’t have to broadcast. Side note: She’s almost like the character in Love and Basketball, that was being cynical to secure her spot. She also seems to forget where she came from and those same people you see on the way up, you will see on your way down….
    I know all of this is for ratings, but what about when you want to move on and others don’t want to give you a chance because of the way you acted or are displayed? Although you may not cause foolishness that happens, you are going to be associated and remembered most for it. I just wish these women could hash out their differences another way sometimes to show that they are mature. Quit blaming it on editing, show yourself in a way that even editing can’t depict you in a negative light all the time.

  • kim

    What is also interesting to me, is how Kenya is quick to say others are jealous of her.But,she always seems to throw shade at NeNe.She likes to say she doesn’t have a job.She always seems to be interested in what’s going on with NeNe.Why?She didn’t have a job until she got the RHOA job.Prior to that she was’mr relevant.

  • DIVA

    I agree with Peter on NeNe she should have showed better class “since she not on the same level as the other women and she suppose to be so classy”…whatever NeNe. NeNe should have stayed at home with that attitude. Since she did come she should have put aside whatever she was feeling since it was for charity. It was just tacky how she did that speech and I would have left to because it made me feel uncomfortable and I wasn’t even there. Here again NeNe is the one that put the lighter fluid on the fire and someone else strike the match and NeNe want to say poor me I haven’t did anything wrong. NeNe instigate ALL of the fights then want to talk loud, get up in people face, throw shade, won’t let nobody talk, cause a scene to make it look like she was innocent. NeNe came there for mess! I also have to say that if NeNe was the guest of honor Kenya should have contacted her one on one and not by evite…that is the only thing that Kenya did wrong. It was nice of Kenya to want to honor NeNe and raise money for a charity that NeNe supports.