Jay Z Was Aware of R.Kelly Dealing w/ Underage Girls, According To Nas In Vintage Interview

Vintage Interview Of Nas Talking W/ Wendy Williams  About Jay-Z Working W/ R. Kelly Amidst 2002 Child Pornography Lawsuit

In a vintage radio interview between Nas and Wendy Williams, the “NASIR” rapper weighed in on Jay-Z working with R. Kelly amidst child pornography accusations in 2002. Within June of the same year, Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of child pornography charges, but two months prior (March 2002), Kelly and Jay released a joint album called “The Best of Both Worlds.”

It looks as if Nas had some revealing things to say about Jay working with the accused. He states,

Yeah, I could have showed the R. Kelly video that everybody’s talking about, made fun of it. When Jay and them was in there doing ‘Best of Both Worlds,’ you can’t tell me Jay didn’t see a 14 year old girl come in the studio and sit on R. Kelly’s lap….you ain’t never seen no girl come in the vicinity? I’ve been around R. Kelly and I pray for that brother. I’ve been a tour with him. It didn’t last too long, but I been around him. I didn’t see no 14-year-old, but I talked to the man and seen there’s a little problem there. The brother needs help, and I pray for him. But if I sit there and did an album about women with him, he had to be indulgent with some 14-year-olds.

“Surviving R. Kelly” executive producer dream hampton revealed Jay-Z along with Lil’ Kim, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, and Dave Chappelle declined to be interviewed for the docuseries.

I remember [Questlove] was like, ‘I would do anything for you but I can’t do this,’” hampton claimed. “It’s not because they support him, it’s because it’s so messy and muddy. It’s that turning away that has allowed this to go on.

Authored by: Andre Palmer