[EXCLUSIVE] More Money Woes For LHHA’s Lil Scrappy, Reality Star Slapped With Tax Lien

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The reality TV star is currently having a portion of his Love & Hip Hop checks garnished for both judgements.

Then on April 4th, the Georgia Department of Revenue filed a lien against Scrappy for failing to pay his taxes for the year 2006. The lien states that he owes Georgia State a total of $8,270.18 for the year 2006.

The docs show that he originally only owed a total of $2,927 in taxes but with 1k in interest + 3k in penalties + other court costs made the unpaid balance swell to the 8k he now owes.

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Further, the docs show that the Department of Revenue searched to see if Scrappy has any property to put a lien on but after their search they discovered he has no assets to put the lien on at this moment. Read the exclusive docs!

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