[Photos] Kevin Durant, Trinidad James & JR Smith Hit Toxic Day Party

Written by thejasminebrand in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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Kevin Durant

M Dollas

Problem 2

Trinidad James

The Party 6 (1)

Tammy Torres


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  • nella

    Every time I see Trinidad James he look more and more like Rosco. Anywho move along folks nothing to see

    • who is Rosco?

      • nella

        Rosco from Martin. When I get a pic ill post so you can do side. Lol the whole internet says that where he got his gimmick give me 5 minutes brb

      • Alaya_MingLee

        I think you mean Jerome. Roscoe was the snotty nose little boy.

  • nella

    Btw was that shade ms brand lol. Love ur site and I come here because I know u have good teas and you have all the info not half. You also are not biased although I had to check someone on another post because they felt like you was being biased please!! I guess they never been to bossip or mto. Anywho loving what ur doing be blessed and keep up the awesome work ur very inspirational you got me wanting to start my own blog girl.