[EXCLUSIVE] Interview Lil Mo Reacts to Prince’s Alleged Diss, Explains Security Snub: It Was Messed Up!

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Lil Mo: Dynamite and I were on the plane. We landed and got a call. I HOLLERED ‘cuz they said Prince said my clothes didn’t match. I was like, ‘OH snap. Purple One got jokes’. That let’s me know he’s human. I have NO problem with him. The security gave a teez to ALOT of people. That was mean and low to treat people that way, but to each his own. Still i RISE.

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theJasmineBRAND.com: Side-bar: Have you ever met Prince?

No. I’m scared ‘cuz i heard he don’t let people look at him. And ima PEEK and be turnt lol. I hate meeting people because I’ll just say, ‘hey’, and wonder if they cool and crazy like me. There are VERY few I want to meet that I haven’t. I want to meet R.kelly, Kim Kardashian, Rich Homie Quan, but I’m SHY. I cry when I see Patti Labelle. I hide when I see Kim Burelle. People I admire I act like a mouse around. OMG when i met Brother Naazim Richardson (my fiancé’s trainer) I was so hype. Oh when i met LIL BOOSIE I was sooooo happy. He showed love. I’m weird lol.

theJasmineBRAND.com: Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Lil Mo: This season of R&B Divas LA airs July 16. It is a GOOD season. OH and I’m apart of MediaTakeOut TV. Babyyyy the children are going to go UP about my opinion. But I mean NO harm. I really like to have fun. Tell Prince call me. But don’t be using that low voice. Tell him I be turnt. And we need to hang out. NO industry BS. Let my kids ask him questions that have NOTHING to do with him being an artist. They gonna want to play in his hair or something. Ya feel me?

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  • kOkOqUEEN

    #reallyGirl(smirk intended)

  • I am so sick right now because I screenshot-ted this instagram post 5 minutes after Lil Mo had posted it. I dropped the ball because I did not post in on my website, Real Entertainment News. Lesson learn for this mistake.

  • Gingertee21

    Wow, I can’t believe someone gave her this much time. She needs more than a reality show, she needs a reality check, because no one is checking for Lil Mo anymore

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