Malaysia Pargo On Split With Ex, Issues With Jackie Christie & Rumors of Dating Mase

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He recently just asked me if I would come over because he took up cooking and now he likes to cook. Before when I was married to him, he couldn’t even open up a can of soup, but whatever. Now he thinks he’s a chef, and he was like, ‘Come over – I’ll cook for you.’ I was like, ‘Um, okay maybe.’ But then I thought about it; I was like, ‘He probably spit in my food.’ No, I’m joking. But we’re in a place where we can laugh and have conversations, so we’re getting better.

On Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman being on the show this season: 

Tami was definitely a surprise. Shaunie I knew, but Tami was definitely a surprise – a happy surprise because I think she added some spice to the show. She definitely, you know, her tell it like it is behavior and the way that she’s able to do it was actually great for me. I actually liked it. So she was a surprise, and again, I didn’t mind it.

Mehgan James,Malaysia Pargo,Tami Roman,Brandi Maxwell and Patrice Curry

Mehgan James,Malaysia Pargo,Tami Roman,Brandi Maxwell and Patrice Curry

On Tami asking her and Brandi if they’re bi-sexual: 

Yeah, she tried it; she tried it. I was like, ‘Girl, let me tell you this.’ I keep my life private. Everybody will see that – even like in my marriage, you didn’t hear much about it besides that one little incident where I was in my feelings, and he was pissing me off because he knows I like to be private. So he tried it, and I was like, ‘Okay, well if you’re going to play your cards, I’m going to play mine too.’ You want to be immature, I’m going to be immature with you for this moment. Then I realized, wait, you’re better than that – don’t do that. So she definitely tried it, and I have nothing against bisexual woman. You can be whatever you will, but for me, I like men, and I like d*ck, so. That’s just it.

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