(EXCLUSIVE) Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline Hernandez, Claims Reality Star Is Taking Drugs While Pregnant

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(EXCLUSIVE) Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline Hernandez, Claims Reality Star Is Taking Drugs While Pregnant

Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline Hernandez

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the legal paternity drama continues between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. The music producer and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star wants Joseline to pay him child support and he also believes that she has abused drugs during her pregnancy.

(EXCLUSIVE) Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline Hernandez, Claims Reality Star Is Taking Drugs While Pregnant

Earlier this month, Joseline sued Stevie J demanding he be ordered to submit to a DNA test for her unborn baby. She claimed her ex promised to pay for her medical expenses for the pregnancy, but she now believes he won’t cover the costs.

Joseline asked the judge to order Stevie to pay her child support and put a parenting plan in place for custody. She is due to give birth next month.

Stevie responded, agreeing to take the DNA test to find out if he is the father. He also pleaded for primary physical custody because he believes Joseline abused drugs during the pregnancy. Stevie also accuses his ex of violence against him in the past and says that she would alienate their child from him if he didn’t get custody. The VH1 star also wants Joseline to pay him child support.

(EXCLUSIVE) Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline Hernandez, Claims Reality Star Is Taking Drugs While Pregnant

According to docs filed, he’s accusing Joseline of being negligent in her personal healthcare and that of her unborn child throughout the duration of her pregnancy. Not only does he believe Joseline abused drugs while pregnant, but he tells the judge she will continue to use after she gives birth.

(EXCLUSIVE) Stevie J Wants Child Support From Joseline Hernandez, Claims Reality Star Is Taking Drugs While Pregnant

Stevie points out that prior to the pregnancy and throughout her pregnancy, she has spoken disparagingly about him in print, social and audio media. He claims such acts cause him to fear that she will engage in acts of parental alienation upon birth of the minor child.

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Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez

He says he is more stable financially, mentally, physically and emotionally than Joseline and therefore the child needs to be awarded to him fully. The reality star pleaded for the judge to order Joseline to cease making any negative statements about him in the press and to make a public retraction of all the comments she has made in the event it is determined he is not the father of her child.




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  • Rashekia Thomas

    Wow, All this time I thought she was faking. The situation is all messed up but babies are blessings, Ask me how I know. My husband and I have 4 of them. And her body looks great! Sending Positive vibes to Joselinw Mother to Be. Your Glowing Boo?

  • Niqui

    Does Stevie have any “proof” of Joseline’s drug use during pregnancy? He will say or do anything to avoid paying child support. Stevie is the one who has failed numerous drug tests and is on his way to jail for pleading guilty to owing over a million dollars in back child support. His oldest son Dorian just released a video rapping about how hurt he was by having an absentee father. Who is the real unfit parent?

    Also, Stevie is hell bent on destroying Joseline’s character. The last time he hauled her into court on that bogus restraining order, he lied that her real name was Shenellica Betancourt, she was married to Matthew Tremellan, and she was 39 years old. The judge threw all that crap out and he lost the case.

    Stevie will lose this case too. The “lady” doth protest too much. Just man up and pay your damn child support.

  • PB

    I feel so sorry for that kid regardless of who the father is. If it’s Stevie or Dro, I feel double sorry for the kid. I think Jos will try to be a good parent, but I’ve never seen even an ounce of anything that makes me think she’s capable. All I see in her is anger, darkness, impatience, misery, delusions, hatred, extreme ignorance, compulsive lying, immaturity– especially considering that she’s 40, and masculinity. I hope having a baby will soften her, bring her joy, and cause her to reassess her values. She seems to think the only things that matter are looks and sex. On looks, she really needs to give it a rest. IMO, Tammy, Bambi, Rasheeda, Tierra, and Mimi are all more attractive and look 100% like women and none of them go around talking about it.

  • Georgiaisnotpeechy

    Stevie is petty. I wish Joseline joy and happiness.

  • Jaredpjh

    Jesus is getting everything he deserves!!!! First of all he is way too arrogant, flamboyant, trashy, slutty piece of trash. There is no way I would go on national TV and act like I am above the real women, when I know I’m a MAN!!!!! Have several seats Jesus!!

  • Kim

    Stevie needs to shut his mouth.When they were together they got high.And he probably initiated some of the time.Im not saying it’s okay if she’s is using while pregnant.Hes just in no position to judge her as far as that’s concerned.He need to be worrying about what him and Faith are doing because she’s looking crackhead skinny lately.And she’s been associating with him lately.Just shut up and try to half ass take care of another child that you can’t afford.smh