Zendaya Remembers Fallout With Giuliana Rancic: This is way bigger than a beef between us.

Zendaya Remembers Fallout With Giuliana Rancic: This is way bigger than a beef between us.

Zendaya Remembers Fallout With Giuliana Rancic

When you hear Zendaya’s name, you probably remember when she read E! News commentator, Giuliana Rancic, for filth. And although, Zendaya has some long ways to go, she never hesitates to reminds us what it is like to be young and humble in Hollywood. This Oakland, California native is clearly a woman of many talents. From slaying the red carpet, to making music, to being a talented actress, and to also being an inspiration to other women around the world; Zendaya is making moves and is not apologizing for it.

From small screen to the big-screen: Zendaya will be starring in the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming” that is set to release next summer. While Zendaya is keeping mum on her actual role on the new film, she opens up about her recent name change, being from Oakland and the Giuliana Rancic controversy.

On being from Oakland: and adjusting to life of the rich and famous:

[I grew up in a] not-so-amazing neighborhood” ….Everything has been a climb. And I’ve been able to take my family and friends with me. I came from humble beginnings. I’ve never had a pool before. I’ve never lived in a house this beautiful. I appreciate everything so much more because everything I have has been worked for.

Actress Zendaya Coleman

Actress Zendaya Coleman

On why she dropped the Coleman in her name:

I [dropped my last name because I] just thought it was cool, like Cher or Prince.

On how she got her claim to fame:

[Shake It Up audition] I just popped up out of nowhere. And I was kicking ass. I came. I knew what I wanted. I think they [Disney Channel] saw that.

On trying to balance everything going on in her life:

There is so much stress in my life. I’ve got family, a lot of people that depend on me and need me. I try to take care of everybody and sometimes that drives you crazy—you want everybody to be OK, and you’re like, Jesus, am I OK?

On why she stays consistent in loving what she does:

Eh, I don’t know. Sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t. You just see so many people who are miserable here. It’s like, Why? It’s OK to be focused, but I can’t get to a point where I don’t like what I’m doing. It’s gotta be fun and creative and good.


On how being on the red carpet reminds her of the Beyonce/Sasha Fierce era: 

I love to slay a red carpet. When I step on one, I’m a different person –like Sasha Fierce and Beyonce?. On the red carpet, I’m this dainty, slow, elegant gazelle

On why she loves to empower women:

When young women see me go out, with an entire world to criticize what I put on, and do whatever the hell I want? It’s empowering [for them]. It’s not just about clothes. It’s never been just about clothes. We do what we want.

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On the open letter to Giuliana Rancic:

This is way bigger than a beef between us. I heard about the comment through Twitter, and my first reaction was angry—I got really mad. Then I realized this has nothing to do with us. It was one small look into an overall misconception about a large group of people…I gave it to my mom to proofread—I literally can’t spell to save my life—and that was it.

On five ways she would change the world:

1. You should be your biggest fan. 2. Girls will lift each other up. 3. Education. 4. No wanted ignorance. 5. Live for yourself.

By: @CaDarius_

Authored by: Kellie Williams