(EXCLUSIVE) Bruno Mars Denies Stealing Music, Wants $20 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

(EXCLUSIVE) Bruno Mars Denies Stealing Music, Wants $20 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Denies Stealing Music

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Bruno Mars is firing back at allegation he stole music from an unknown musician and then passed it off as his own in his hit “Grenade”. The pop star is blasting the man suing him for $20 million dollars and saying he didn’t steal anything from the artist.

Here’s the latest: On December 5th, Bruno Mars and Atlantic Records headed to court and demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court.

The singer explains Johnathon Puckett claims the lyrics to hit song “Grenade” infringes on his rights in the lyrics to his song “Cry” — based on the alleged shared theme of unrequited love and the fact that both tracks contain lyrics along the lines of “I would die for you baby” and “you won’t do the same”.

He calls the allegation he ripped off the musician as baseless and points out even a quick side by side comparison of the lyrics for both songs reveals that, even if one were to agree that the songs share a theme, the theme is expressed entirely different in each track. Bruno is demanding the judge dismiss all claims against him and award Puckett nothing from his $20 million dollar lawsuit.

Here’s the backstory: A man named Johnathon Puckett filed a federal lawsuit against Bruno Mars & Atlantic Records accusing them of stealing his music for the hit song “Grenade”.

Puckett claimed he wrote and recorded a song entitled, “Cry” back in 2010. He uploaded the song to YouTube and even claims to have been working with Atlantic Records on his own album which never was finished.

The musician said he sent the label several songs including the track “Cry” for them to review. No album came from the talks with Atlantic.

(EXCLUSIVE) Bruno Mars Denies Stealing Music, Wants $20 Million Lawsuit Dismissed

Bruno Mars

However, several months later Bruno Mars released the hit song “Grenade” through his deal with Atlantic. Puckett is furious due to the substantial similarities in both songs. He says that the hooks are identical and each containing the lyric,

How one would give his all to one’s love only to never have one’s act of love never reciprocated.

Puckett sued Bruno Mars and his record label demanding in excess of $20 million dollars for allegedly stealing his work and passing it off as their own.

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