Has Kim Burrell’s Punishment Gone Too Far? BMI Pulls Plug On Singer!

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Has Kim Burrell's Punishment Gone Too Far? BMI Pulls Plug On Singer!

Kim Burrell

BMI Pulls Plug On Kim Burrell

The consequences continue for Kim Burrell. The performing rights organization BMI is the latest group to distance itself from the gospel singer after a video surfaced of her referring to gays and lesbians as perverted. A statement from BMI released Friday said Burrell will no longer be honored and she was pulled from their annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music event scheduled for Jan. 14 in Atlanta. The organization said it wanted the focus to remain on the songwriters and the music.

Has Kim Burrell's Punishment Gone Too Far? BMI Pulls Plug On Singer!

Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Burrell

Earlier this week, TV host Ellen DeGeneres also uninvited Burrell from appearing on her show, where she was scheduled to sing “I See Victory” with Pharrell Williams from the soundtrack of the new movie “Hidden Figures.”

Burrell’s weekly radio show at Texas Southern University was also canceled. Burrell has posted a video clarifying her statements. See the clip below.

She has yet to comment on the additional backlash that she’s received. Has Kim Burrell’s punishment gone too far or is justified?

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  • Oh please

    Never heard of BMI. Stay strong Kim

  • Mackie

    We have to remember that GOD is a RESTORER HE can drop one IDEA in Kim Burrell, that can INCREASE her FOREVER; at the end of the day man is NOT Kim’s source GOD is.

  • T. Austin

    She is only staying facts and backing it up biblically. Everyone is
    afraid to use their freedom to speak. This culture is brainwashing
    everyone and forcing their beliefs on others. Pastors/Ministers and
    Clergies are afraid to back her up. In the same breathe they agree
    with these formulated communities. If they know the bible- they
    know it’s a sin. If everyone was gay/ lesbians the
    world could not continue to strive and multiply. Social media
    enables one to have a voice/opinion without apologies. I love
    that she is unapologetic.


      wrong-the bible never says gays are perverse or they will die. Remember, the bible is JUST A BOOK-its not god. Its been written by men-that is historically proven. Why would everyone be gay, stupid?

  • Chad Bishop

    So a supposedly, Christian based publisher wants it to just be about the song and singer, but not the message within. Everyone needs to quit being so Hollywood and quit winning when someone stands on their foundation and it does not line up with your beliefs. I don’t watch or like Ellen cause, I too, think that homosexuality is a perversion and a perverted sin. Stay strong Kim and stand strong cause The Almighty GOD has got this.

    • Addie Bryan

      She didn’t force her beliefs on the secular world! She just stated her beliefs according to the Bible, which is the word of God. Christians, we have to be strong because now that the entertainment world is starting to dictate what pastors can preach from church based on scripture, the Government is soon to follow!

      • Chad Bishop

        I agree. In case there was any confusion as to what I meant to say, I back Kim on this one.

  • Jeremy Murray

    It hasn’t gone too far IMO. We all have freedom of speech and we can say whatever we want. However, that doesn’t mean we should assume that we should be immune to other people’s actions and reactions.

  • bessie

    it has gone too far. trump has said and done worst. he was elected POTUS. Bigotry is real. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    • Chanda Graham

      You should share that wisdom with Pastor Burrell.

  • Marie Yvette Carter

    who is BMI? Did what Pastor Kim said in the CHURCH that is a part of the Body of Christ negate her History in the Gospel music world? I am so over these judgmental vindictive groups and supporters. In one breath they cry foul for being judged and in the same breath they judge and murder who they think have judged them wrongly? Obviously, this group KNOWS NOTHING about the God who is above all. This, whatever this is, has to happen, for GOD HAS A GREATER PLAN! This is just like when the Holy Ghost led JESUS in the wilderness to be tempted 40 days and 40 nights! Pastor Kim, hold on Sis because GREATER is coming and those who SHOULD have stood with you are going to wish they had. Love you#kimburrell

  • Kim Phillips

    Where is her freedom of speech rights? A cult called Westboro Baptist Church who actually are guilty of hate speech is protected by it, protestors in the street are protected by their rights to assemble and freedom of speech matter of fact they can curse and spit in the face of law enforcement and still they are protected by their rights. So where is this Christian woman’s right to free speech that every American is entitled too? We are stepping onto dangerous ground when we start punishing people for preaching a sermon violating both their freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    • Chanda Graham

      Her rights were not violated. The First Amendment protects you from a response from the government based on your speech. Private individuals and entities can respond how they want to because they have free speech rights too.

      • KingLeona

        I love you my friend.


    1 Timothy 5:13 ESV
    Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.

    In other words stay your FAKE CHRISTIAN ASS off blogs. Since you’re so saved!

    Secondly her Free speech, or religion is NOT being violated.Whatever you say will always have consequences behind them! Personally I don’t think BMI should have done this. Then again advertisers may have threatened TVOne over broadcasting it.

  • Trebanogstrasse

    Kim is just in a storm. She knows this is God’s test for her to stand on his word! NKJ Romans 1:21-28. REPROBATE minds/ thinking…a dangerous way to live. Preach Kim, preach! God will restore all the devil is trying to steal from her!

  • Bobbie

    No it has not gone to far!! This would have happen to anyone else.

  • Nigel Hensley

    The Church need to get it Together being Cancelled off a Gospel Award Show come on now Saints

  • STL D

    Its sad that these days if u say something about a gay person or dog u can lose your career

  • STL D

    Two things u dont mess with these dayz gay people or animals they will kill your career

    • Ashley

      LMAO!! So true!!

      • STL D

        It’s crazy!!

  • Sambone

    Everybody keeps sting “Who is BMI” like they are insignificant. I don’t know who they are either, but clearly Kim does because she planned to attend! #GoogleThem


    we must make an example of the sow. She must be completely and utterly destroyed in terms of her career. Just like we did to racists in the 60s for blacks now we must protect gays.