Usher Alludes To Legal Drama In New Song


When Life Imitates Art: Usher Shares Some Revealing Experiences In New R&B Banger

Usher returned to the music scene when he dropped his joint project with Atlanta super producer Zaytoven titled “A” last Friday (Oct. 12th). As the 8-track project has received mixed reviews, there is one track which warrants a definite listen. Following the “Birthday” anthem, track six brings about an R&B story with some interesting lyrics that might have you pressing repeat. As Usher is known for being a storytelling genius with his music, “She Ain’t Tell Ya” provides possible insight into the latest drama going on in the Atlanta crooner’s life.

Quantasia Sharpton, Usher

Usher has made headlines for the better part of 2017 and 2018 for his ongoing lawsuit of being accused of exposing herpes to two women and one man. While the battle has been persistent and he has been accused of prolonging the suit, Usher’s new lyrics corroborate with reports in the media. In the opening the track he sets the tone,

Every story got more than one side / Today I’mma tell you my side / I hurt you, you hurt me / Even exchange, listen

The chorus swings in with some relatable content, but he also shares,

She ain’t tell ya I never told her sorry no / She ain’t tell ya she let me hit her partners

Within the second verse he sings some provocative lyrics,

She ain’t tell you I’m in her veins like IV … She ain’t tell you I sting like Muhammad Ali

In the bridge and the outro he shares,

Oh nah, she said, he said / F**k what they said, no, no… Don’t be bitter, just be better / If I hurt you and you hurt me / How you paint yourself as unlucky?

The outro is particularly interesting, due to the fact in 2017, he struck the argument of “unclean hands” in court, meaning all three of his accusers committed some fashion of wrongdoing and/or liable for an offense themselves.

It’s also safe to note, when “Confessions Part II”  and “Burn” were originally released, fans and listeners suspected the singer had stepped out on his then girlfriend TLC’s Rozonda  “Chilli” Thomas. But after almost 10 years, Usher confessed some of the most controversial tracks from the 2004 record breaking album had no hidden meaning; denying he had gotten anyone pregnant; how “Burn” was developed before he got with Chilli, and how “Confessions Part II” was about a group of people within the studio, particularly Jermaine Dupri.

Although the writers (composers) credited on “She Ain’t Tell Ya” include Usher, Future, and Zaytoven, its safe to say Usher could have infused stories of infidelity, materialism, and heartbreak much like he did on “Confessions” (the album), due to some of these lyrics hitting a little too close to home.

Take a listen to the full track below.

What’s your take?

Authored by: Andre Palmer