Chris Brown Admits He’s A Stalker: If I love you b*tch, ain’t nobody gonna have you!

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown Admits He’s A Stalker

Chris Brown is a self proclaimed stalker. Last night, the singer posted a video on social media, admitting that he goes over-board when he’s in love with a woman. He says,

Ladies, y’all be complaining about n*ggas being like stalkers in love with y’all and all kinda crazy sh*t. And get tired of him. Well guess what? I’m one of them n*ggas. If I love you b*tch, ain’t nobody gonna have you. Imma make you miserable. Imma chase that n*gga out, Imma chase yo ass around.


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  • Guest2

    This isn’t healthy on any level. He needs to seek psychotherapy and counseling. This behavior is illegal and crazy. Interesting that he finds it admirable and amusing. That’s not love.. that’s control and obsession which can lead to exactly what happened between him and Rhianna .. physical,emotional and verbal abuse. Smh ?????

  • kysie wood

    Yeah & I will be waiting on his ass locked & loaded!