Dreezy Shares Coronavirus Test Results, After Losing Her Sense Of Taste & Smell


Dreezy Shares Coronavirus Test Results, After Losing Her Sense Of Taste & Smell

Singer Dreezy (real name Seandrea Sledge) is breathing a sigh of relief after having a recent health scare. Late last month (June 25), Dreezy tweeted on Twitter that she was unable to taste or smell anything.

I can’t taste or smell anything, this crazy…

Four days later (June 29), Dreezy would go on to say that she had to spend a lot of money because was sick.

After experiencing several symptoms of the coronavirus, Dreezy decided to get tested to see if she had it. The results are in. Dreezy is NEGATIVE! The singer shared the news with her Twitter followers yesterday, (July 2).

Thanks to everybody who checked on me. I tested negative today for COVID, Stay clean and safe y’all.

The world was introduced to the coronavirus in late January. Since it’s arrival, the United States has seen 2,741,841 COVID-19 cases with 130,147 deaths, and 844,223. After getting somewhat of a handle on the rate of people testing positive for the virus, America began slowly reopening the country after months of quarantining and social distancing to stop the spread.

Just a few weeks ago, a surge in positive coronavirus cases began to spread in several statues, including Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Now, several states including the one’s listed in the previous sentence are taking measures to stop the spread. In one state, by law, people are required to wear masks. In other states, local bars, restaurants , and other large-crowded areas have been subject to close.

If you’re experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please get tested at a nearby hospital.

Authored by: Cierra Jones