Keyshia Cole Wanted Over $1 Million To Do Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

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Keyshia Cole Wanted Over $1 Million To Do Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Wanted Over $1 Million To Do Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Keyshia Cole has had a change of heart about joining Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. theJasmineBRAND.com broke the story exclusively that the singer and her husband Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson were being cast on the hit VH1 show. Keyshia says,

Mona (Scott Young) reached out to me a few times and reached out to Remy [Ma] and reached out to my management and was just asking if I would be willing to do it. And I was just like, I think it’s a great platform for artists you know if you do it right. I wouldn’t want to be in like all the crazy stuff.

She adds that they were negotiating what it would take for her to join the show.

We shot some numbers around and I told her what it would take for me to be on the show and she said she would go back and try to get with them because it was like a number that obviously (was high) ….

When asked if she requested for $1 million to do the show, Keyshia says,

It was a little more than that.

She explains now that she doesn’t want to do the show.

You know what, after all that stuff got thrown out there. I just didn’t like the energy of it all. So, I just said, ‘Nah, I’m cool, I’m alright.’ 

Keyshia did admit that she’s more than happy to do reality TV with her estranged husband:

He would be a part of anything I do because we’re co-parenting. I would love to show that. I mean, we have a great relationship.

Should Keyshia re-consider joining Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood?

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  • Divaray

    A Million? Wait over a million? ? Kisha Cole?? From Oakland?? I mean ..on her own reality show it was her mom Franky that made the show…some people no matter what the story line is or how ratchet..they just don’t have that “Ump” she is a ok singer and should stick to that.

    • BlukollaRose

      You are correct that she is an okay singer and should stick to that, but honestly she did right by asking for what she did because on her own reality show she was boss and was allowed to say what was to be shown. Love and hip hop however, they call the shots on most of what is to be shown and how someone is portrayed. I think like she said, it’s a great platform for artists and their career, but exposing people’s stories and twisting it all to appear worse than it is, that ruins relationships and friendships, and even someone’s character as a whole. So my opinion is that she did right by asking for what she did and even better now that she has turned it down. That will save her the headache of unnecessary added drama than what she already has in her own family life.

  • Angie

    She honestly should have TAKEN Mona up on that offer!

  • Tennille B. Wade

    she should have passed on the show., i personally think its beneath her

    • BlukollaRose


  • jklclay

    She deserves what she asked for. I’m from Atlanta and if these women on LHHAtl can make a million why can’t Keisha, a well known artist make that as well.