Evelyn Lozada: I NEVER messed with a married man! + Tami Roman & Jackie Christie Almost Come To Blows

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Evelyn Lozada: I NEVER messed with a married man! + Tami Roman & Jackie Christie Almost Come To Blows

Evelyn Lozada Denies Dealing W/ Married Man + Tami Roman vs. Jackie Christie

The Basketball Wives LA super trailer is officially here. Check out the network’s description below:

In this Basketball Wives sneak peek for the first episode of the brand new season, Shaunie pops in on Evelyn backstage at her appearance on The Real and, per usual, they dive right into tea time. Though she’s thrilled to be back on the West Coast, Evelyn is not looking forward to running into her longtime frenemy Tami. “I never felt like Tami and I would ever really be close. I see darkness when I see her,” Evelyn confesses. “I think she has negative energy and I just don’t want to be around those type of people.”

As everyone knows, the two have a sour history. It dates all the way back to season two when Evelyn reveals she had slept with Tami’s ex-husband and Tami, in return, had to lay them paws on Evelyn for calling her a “non-motherf-ckin factor.” Evelyn doesn’t really seem to care about getting back on friendly terms with Tami, but she’s definitely not feeling how the whole exchange made her look. “I’ve never messed around with a married man, and I never wanna have that label.”

Ev’s not the only one who has beef with Tami though because Jackie Christie is showing a whole other side of Jackie as she gets up in Tami’s face not once, but twice. Fortunately for Mrs. Christie her Cali gals Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell are back in the mix but will they clash with the Miami girls, once and for all? In a sure-to-be-iconic moment from the supertrailer, the Miami OGs all literally ignore Brandi, refusing to even acknowledge her. Chile! It’s not just drama this season as Jackie’s daughter Chantel gives birth to her first child and Evelyn struggles with IVF. Add some new girls and a cameo by Jennifer Williams. (Yeah, did you peep that?) 

theJasmineBRAND.com broke the story, Brandi Maxiell is officially back and Shaunie, along with Evelyn and Tami don’t seem pleased. See the extended teaser below.

The season six premiere of Basketball Wives on Monday, April 17th at 9/8c on VH1!

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  • Eve D.

    If they don’t sit their old azzes down somewhere trying to fight each other for ratings! Dayum yall, we need to elevate. -smh

  • shortygrape

    I am laughing my as* off. Kenny Anderson was in fact married to Tami when Evelyn went out on a few dates and had sex with him! Dating a married man is a bad stain, it’s a really bad bone to have on you. It’s like a dark cloud looming over Evelyn to let everyone know she has absolutely no morals or principals. Evelyn can’t back track now! We’ve all seen her get popped in the face for whoring around with Kenny while he was married to Tami. Not, only that; she laughed, joked and broke bread with Tami and never mentioned she f*cked him for a Chanel bag back in the day while he was married. Evelyn was cocky with it and stated that “Tami” was a none, f*cking, factor! Afterwards, Evelyn had the audacity to try to profit by getting tasteless T-Shirts made that stated- none, f*cking, factor… Evelyn would like to erase a few things from her reputation! LOL cause that ain’t happening… Not with Tami reminding us Evelyn slept her way through three sports leagues…

    • Dayna Williams-Hunter

      What a great briefing that was!!! I never watch the show but at least now I understand what’s going on

    • lollimom50

      Three…are there any left?