[WATCH] One Nasty Foreclosure Don’t Stop No Show, Fantasia Nails Performance on ‘The View’



High off the release of her latest album Side Effects Of You, Fantasia is determined to not let anything break her positive streak – including losing her North Carolina mansion.  The 28-year -old ‘American Idol’ winner’s housing woes date back to 2008 where she was accused of defaulting on a home loan and in 2012, put the house up for sale.

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According to court documents, Barrino has avoided the foreclosure process and transferred the deed to a bank in February, leaving behind the 6,500-square-foot home which was reportedly purchased in 2007 for $1.3 million. When she stopped by to visit the ladies of  the daytime talk show The View, she wowed the women with her story of struggle and resilience and wasn’t shy about overcoming her battles. Peep the excerpts below.

On How She Overcame Her Troubles:

Reaching that dark moment, I realized it’s just the simple things that I have to be thankful for. There are alot people are dealing with worse. Now I need to come back and worry about me, not worry about the other stuff, not take care of everybody and just sing music.”

On Finding Inner Peace:

My song “Lose to Win” is my testimony. When I say I’m winning again, I’m not talking about money, about houses and cars – I’m talking about peace.”

On Her Purpose:

For me, I just realized that I’m here for a reason. God put me here for a reason. It’s not Now moving forward, I might as well live life to the best. Take care of my children, wake up in the morning and give God thanks for another day.”


Fantasia is currently continuing her press and performance tour across the country to promote her album, which was released this past month. The singer opened up about her children – her daughter Zion is now 12, and her son Dallas, who at the age of 1, is already playing the piano. She then touched the audience with a soulful performance of her “testimony”, her latest single,  “Lose To Win”.

Peep pics and her performance below.




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