Porsha Williams Confronts Phaedra Parks In Tears [VIDEO]

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Porsha Williams Confronts Phaedra Parks In Tears

Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks

Porsha Williams Confronts Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks’ friendship with Porsha Williams appears to be in jeopardy. In a new teaser for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, an emotional Porsha confronts Phaedra about not being honest about a particular situation. Her RHOA cast mate, Kandi Burruss, chimes in between tears telling Porsha that she feels she’s being manipulated by Phaedra. Andy Cohen, the reunion host and EP of the show, also shares he’s ‘shocked’. See the clip.

To date, there’s been much speculation surrounding an alleged bombshell that is dropped or revealed concerning Phaedra.

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  • Artra MsRax Johnson

    Im sick of Phaedra

  • vfocused

    Phaedra probably did hear the lie but should have repeated it. Carlos King is the one who said that. Porsha has been ride or die with Phaedra all this time. So now at the reunion she wants to act like he is not loyal. Kandi already told Porsha that was a lie so why 2 days before you all of a sudden questioning Phaedra about anything. Porsha was so mad with Kandi like she was about to fight the girl. Why try to play victim now. Porsha knows Nene may be coming back and looks like she is trying to switch sides to stay on the show. You aint loyal Porsha. You throwing frack under the bus. Kandi and her people had been saying things about Phadra two seasons that are not true. Its ok for them to be talking about Phaedra but Phaedra cant get mad and say something back? Kandi was still wrong for taking Apollos side against her girl and hiding his stuff, point , blank period. Just because Nene and Phadra became friends she did not tell Phaedra anything. Kandi was wrong for that and no one ever said anything about it. It was Phaedra’s divorce to begin with why were they all in phadras business. I don’t blame Phaedra one bit due to all they said and did about her divorce. When she get a divorce what business is that of kandi and her employees and mama joyce. Kandi gets away with laughing at her friend and hiding her exs stuff from the govt but crying on the reunion about someone saying he may be lesbian, or planning on drugging Porsha. Kandi herself said she has messed with a woman before so there. Why cry about it now? If you so truthful and will admit what you do then what is the problem. I know and all knows that kandi would not drug Porsha to sleep with her. Apparently she did not need to since they admitting to kissing at club and Todd was there. This is all stupid and the whole season was stupid. Bring back Nene but Phaedra for all she has been through in real life does not deserve to get fired.

    • Tracey Younger

      Kandi didn’t hide anything. That was Todd’s choice. He was helping his friend out. Kandi didn’t take sides against Phaedra. She was giving her her privacy and felt as if there was anything Phaedra wanted to talk about, she would. She’s repeated this same story for two years now.

    • Carla Johnson

      really??? Phaedra has flat out lied about Kandi, Todd, and Shamea then let Porsha take the blame for the lie…Two seasons ago Phaera talked about Porsha like a dog calling her all sorts of dumb….Kandi had been team Porsha since day 1 so I’m not sure what you’re watching…every time Phakedra gets arounf other people she talks about Kandi then plays the primproper church lady in the end…FOH…Phakedra is a FAKE,SHADY,NO REAL FRIENDSHIP HAVING, LIAR…oan I gues she was really cluleless about Apollos illegal shit too…she thought he had a real job? FOH

      • Peta

        Dear Miss Carla Johnson,
        You better PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yesss, I saw that in season 2 how fake her ass was, Glad that fired her ass.

    • deepdimples1975

      Your comment is so much similar to mine. I believe everything you’ve said, but with a little slant. I could be wrong, but I believe Porsha trusted Phaedra to where these girls couldn’t tell her anything about Phaedra and rightfully so. Remember, these girls are known for trying to break up alliances and have been attacking their friendship all along. Plus Porsha had no reason to not believe Phaedra. And too, they all have gotten a chance to see the final filming of the show, so a lot is revealed for the first time prior to the taping of the reunion. So Porsha seemed genuinely hurt that it appeared that Phaedra played her in a sense. Remember, when we tell our girlfriends anything, we give full detail, leaving nothing out. We even tell the tone in which things were said along with facial expressions, especially when it’s scandalous. But Phaedra didn’t do that. Phaedra apparently left out a lot of details to what she told Porsha, because Porsha said when I asked you two days ago, you said this. So I think the reactions on both Phaedra and Porsha’s part were genuine, unless another set of facts are revealed in the last episode. And because they ALL have done this, I don’t believe Phaedra should be kicked off the show. And lastly, it amazes me how people ignore Kandi’s mess. She, her family and fake staff have been messy for the past several seasons. Oh, and Shamea, tell me if I’m wrong, but when you have two girlfriends who are your good friends but not each others, aren’t the two of them off limits to what they can say about each other, just out of friendship for you. Shamea brought herself into the fray. If she had a problem with Porsha’s friendship with Phaedra, that should have been done off camera, just like when Porsha pulled Shamea off camera and talked to her. At that point, if you are my friend and you pull me off camera, I fall back if our friendship means that much to me. But I just think it’s apparent that Shamea is gaming for the Kandi and the girls and for a peach. I just don’t treat my best friend like that. And wasn’t Shamea the one getting kicked out of people’s homes, off the boat and everything when she first came on the show, but now ride or die for Kandi and the girls. I’m not liking that!

    • Dominique Lane

      Are you dumb that no excuse bitch to put a lie out on anyone about drugging and rapping that bad as somebody molested somebody and they did not

    • Casey

      Big difference between being loyal and being stupid. Phaedra let Porsha take the fall.

  • Niagara Falls NY

    Why is Phaedra constantly biting her lips? Or are they twitching?

    • deidra Bowen

      No, she is definitely biting her lip, that is a sign of nervousness. Did you notice how Phaedra kept throwing back those glasses of champagne when they were in Hawaii? She was scared to death she would be exposed. I always try to support my brown sista’s but Phaedra has broken all the sister-girl rules of friendship.

      • Niagara Falls NY

        HELL YEA???! She damn near looked like a pledge at frat/sorority party.

  • Cookie Johnson

    Didn’t Phaedra (sp) hook Todd and Kandi up? If Phaedra leaves, that show is going to be boring. Unless Ne Ne comes back, I won’t be watching anymore.

    • Vella Love Boone

      Ne ne and kim i hear are returning

    • sunnyrn

      Kandi will not have a story line except for the restaurant going down the drain because Todd has no experience with running a restaurant. He wanted to do it after Peter, however, how many of Peter’s restaurant’s went down the drain along with Cynthia’s money. Todd is going to lose a great deal of Kandi’s money along with that restaurant. He do not have a job or any revenue.

      • Deborah jjo

        Plus Kordell owns a major part of that restaurant and who knows who else. Trust, Peter does not have that kind of money. Sometimes I wonder how much of his anger towards Porsha is because of Kordell. Seems like he just got angry about her after he went into business with Kordell, who has been campaigning on how bad of a wife she was. So Porsha is catching it from Kordell and Peter. Sorry bastards!

  • deepdimples1975

    I’ve said all along Porsha has never been known to be a liar. I believed her, but I thought it was Shamea who told her that nonsense. I’m shocked that Phaedra did it, because she should know better from all of her epic failures at getting at people. And Phaedra appears not to have told Porsha the entire story, as shown by Porsha’s reaction when the truth spilled, which is very suspect. Because Carlos and Phaedra had beef with Kand and Todd, it is plausible that Phaedra told Porsha enough for Porsha to put that out there. I think if Porsha had known the entire story, she would have handled that in a different way, which makes Phaedra’s intentions very suspect. When girlfriends get together, we tell each other EVERYTHING! And Phaedra didn’t do that. Phaedra has been acting very shady since this entire drama started. She basically lied to Porsha when Porsha asked her for clarification. It seems like Porsha must have realized something was right because of Kandi’s reaction. And then to have your girl lie to you, that’s cause for an ass whooping on film! And if Kandi and Porsha were growing in their relationship, then Phaedra is downright treacherous! On the other hand, I also believe Kandi and Todd brought that nonsense on themselves too because she, her husband, her fake ass employees and nasty ass mama can’t keep talking about people and putting out people’s business and not expect it to fall back on them in some kind of way. Porsha did not start that drama. Kandi and them started that nonsense. And it’s hilarious to me that Kandi is acting like a victim with all the dirt they’ve done! It was Porsha’s business to tell about her and Block. Rather than talking about Porsha sleeping with Block, why didn’t Kandi talk about the fact she was sleeping with a married man and having a baby 3 months into the relationship? Why didn’t she talk about that, instead of who Porsha slept with? But she put Porsha out there to take onerous off of her mess. Kandi got what she got by design. You talk shit, you need to back it up and she didn’t. And Phaedra needs to go for not doing her own dirty deed. Kandi did her wrong and she should have been able to handle her own situation in a more sophisticated manner. Phaedra definitely played herself, because Kandi was wrong as hell to put Phaedra business out there like that among other things. However, Phaedra chose to play the “get-back” game and while not knowing how to play the game, she gave the Kandi (the antagonist) the upper hand over her and made her look like a stupid ass gump. That’s something like stealing boxes on your day off! Yeah, Phaedra needs to go.

    • sunnyrn

      Phaedra do need to go because she lied way too much. There is no coming back from this. However, Kandi is boring as hell and can not carry a show and that is why they need Kim and Nee Nee back on the show. What do Kandi have to offer but her mother running around acting like a bully. After Phaedra is fired, she will definitely have no story line. So, Kandi can go to, if not now then after next season.

      • Deborah jjo

        We are definitely in total agreement!

  • Dominique Lane

    The funeral home that she work at be like she really didn’t have to do. This much damage to this lying ass child

  • Shelly

    I so agree that Phaedra lies too much, but they all do. They so worried about her divorce, which is none of their business. I truly believe Kandi is harboring bad feelings for Phaedra bcuz she leaned on Nene & not her, but I get why she did. Why would she vent to Kandi when Todd is ride or die w/ Apollo? Also, Kandi ain’t innocent either. She did the exact same thing to Phaedra that she called Nene out for doing to Cynthia. Plus she lets her high school acting Mother & employees do waaayyyy too much when it comes to her cast mates. Sheree put fuel on that fire also! Everybody on this show thinks they are the ones who can carry it & acts as such, but it’s only 1 Queen (Nene) & I can’t wait til her highness returns! I get why Porsha got closer to Phaedra than Kandi. Kandi always judged Porsha. Phaedra did also, but the difference is Phaedra got to know Porsha better & Kandi didn’t! If Phaedra has to go than so does boring ass Cynthia & lying ass Kenya!

  • Glory B2God

    Kandi is straight up gangster and has a lynch mob group of people around her. Yet i like the fact that she’s a recording artist which is a good place for gangster mentality. But she is no where near Phaedra’s level. I feel Phaedra was trying to protect Porshia. Phaedra has had the best story lines of everyone.A good writer could not have come up with what Phaedra does. Some attorneys have to be good writers. I am sure she had an inkling regarding Kandi and Porshia . Yet Phaedra always manage to keep God in the show with all the mess.
    While NeNe and Kim are good. They still don’t match what Phaedra brought to the show. If Phaedra is gone I won’t watch it anymore.

  • James Hillis Ford

    Why do you think Phaedra became an undertaker?
    To bury evidence…I’m sure…