Musiq Soulchild’s Baby Mama Breaks Up With Him & Moves Out?

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Musiq Soulchild's Baby Mama Breaks Up With Him & Moves Out?

Musiq’s Baby Mama Breaks Up With Him & Moves Out

It appears that Musiq Souldchild and his alleged baby mama Ashley Tiyumba Wright have split. The rumors were sparked by a lengthy Mother’s Day message by Ashley. In the message, she revealed that she and her daughter, whom she had from another relationship, were moving. While she didn’t mention the singer, it’s speculated in her comments that things didn’t go as planned in their relationship. See her lengthy IG message below.

Around 1 AM I woke up tossing and turning. For hours I was terribly uncomfortable; no matter what I did. I ate some peanuts. I drank some Kagen water. I added more pillows. I changed positions over and over. I scrolled social media and then I realized I hadn’t taken moments to breathe. I sat up, closed my eyes and took deep breaths…slow your breathing Ash

In that meditation, I begin to acknowledge and accept a few things. I was triggered by Mothers Day.

You see long are the days in which, holidays and their meanings have impacted me. Yet this Mother’s Day, this year… I was really looking forward to it. For it was a year, I had met him, he woo’d me, we moved in together, we started a family (holds belly), and I would for the first time celebrate Mother’s Day with a companion by my side.

I pictured holding hands, and belly rubs, me planning a cute meal of sorts (he isn’t the celebration type) and laughs at Shannon’s joyful, playful ways.—
Yet here I am, at my parent’s house, in a bed that gives me lower back pain, consistently shifting my mind as I courageously take on emotions and feelings that do not serve me.

I replayed how I had to pack up all of my belongings alone, and moments In which I cried on the stairs. Sometimes even in Shannons’s arms. Flashes of when I was exhausted beyond belief, barely eating, struggling to cater to Shannon…and at the airport having to maneuver SIX 50-70 lbs bags on a cart, while consistently demanding Shannon hold on to mommy as we made our way across the street. At the rental location… I cried in the car. Wiped my tears and then went to a boxing class.

Then I was reminded how when I arrived home, my mother spoke for hours in disbelief on how I was able to do all of that alone. She couldn’t stop saying, “Wow you are amazing! I don’t know how you moved all those bags pregnant and with Shannon.” I didn’t even look up at her, I responded, “I just had to figure it out. One thing for sure is if I never thought I was strong before, I know now I am. Not because it was a physical feat, but mentally. I couldn’t even cry. I didn’t have the space to. I just had to get it done.”

And then it hit me! Another lesson. You see mamas I spent so much time, looking forward to someone celebrating me, that I forgot for a moment that you have to celebrate yourself. And these last few weeks, I have had to ENCOURAGE myself. Im talking about morning chants, multiple phone calls to family and even writings on the mirrors.—
In looking back, I don’t care to focus on the hurt, but the fact that I pushed through despite the pain. So this here post is for us!—
For the times you had 50 bags of groceries on your arms because you were “team one trip” to best watch your children and not leave them unattended for too long. For the times you carried in a sleep child on your shoulder and had to undress them carefully and lie them down on the bed. For the times you woke up early to get your child(ren) ready when going to bed late because you work late, studied late, cleaned up late. For the times you spent your last on shit for your children and went without so your children didn’t have to. For the times you wanted to cry and ball up in a corner, but did not or held off because you still had tend to your Child’s well being. And for all the times you did, every single day ALONE; whether in a relationship or not. Not looking for a thank you or a good job. Or knowing no companion was going to lie down with you to comfort you.—

She does mention Musiq when responding to someone’s comment, writing:

Musiq loved what I represent and knew my brand and what I share way before he decided to even fly me around, put me on tour with him and then move all my belongings into his home. Here’s the gag even those FB topics. Such great discussions we had. I think two of them I quoted him [emoji]. Those part of the village watched him chat on IG live and snap with us and play with Shannon. Hilarious enough each pic posted of him he chose. [emoji] So ignore. I’ll just block sooner or later.

Last month, Ashley announced that the pair were expecting their first child together.

When it’s April 2nd and she still pregnant… #letthejourneybegin #excitedtodoitwiththevillage #finallyfeelsgoodtoshare #cantwaittotellyallabouttheshitshowofthispregnancy #aintnothinglikebefore #bothgoodandbad #iloveyall #mswrightsway #8weeks #godseed

Musiq Soulchild & Girlfriend Expecting 1st Child Together

She also posted a cute Man Crush Monday pic with him in April as well.

LOVE | COMMITMENT | ?? @musiqsoulchild #mcm #musiqsoulchild #mswrightsway

A post shared by Ashley “Tiyumba” Wright (@mswrightsway) on

No word on how long the couple had been dating, but on Valentine’s Day, Ashley posted the message below.

Reportedly, both Ashley and Musiq have children from previous relationships. Musiq has yet to comment or confirm having a child with Ashley.

Musiq Soulchild's Baby Mama Breaks Up With Him & Moves Out?

Musiq & Meelah circa 2014

There are also unconfirmed reports that Musiq may have reconciled with singer Meelah Williams, whom he shares a child with.

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    I was jsut thinking about Meela. They have a son together.