[VIDEO] Rick Ross Says Women Should Thank Him For Taking His Shirt Off + Rapper Shares A Gross Groupie Story

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During most of his career, the Boss aka Rick Ross has made being a big boy, sexy. With all confidence, and on the height of his recent album release Mastermind, the 38-year-old MMG founder sat down with L.A’s Power106 and shared his feelings on his body, groupies and more for their UBER sexual ‘Just the Tip’ segment. Check out a few funny moments during the conversation:
On Being Shirtless:
I can’t really speak for another guy and what’s going through his mind. But me? I feel like I’m doing the pool party a big favor. I feel like the women should just come thank me.
On Craziest Thing A Groupie Has Done For You:
You know I’ve had a few things. Of course I’ve had one [groupie/fan] ring my shirt out totally into her mouth and drink it. Imagine you bust open a bottle of Bel Air Rose and turnt it up.
Rick-Ross-Celebrity-Selfie-2014-The Jasmine Brand
On what turn hims on:
Just being cool, being smooth. Just being relaxing.
What he looks for in a woman:
Her confidence. Because when her confidence is right, her business right and when her business [is] right her life [is] together.
On what physically attractive in a woman: 
Yea I don’t need nobody with ass shots but your life in shambles baby. You can’t get me a rental car, Gah’damn.
If eager girls on Instagram turn him off: 
Nah, where I’m from we call those “shomes”. Fat Trel from MMG call them “thots”.  I mean those are for the culture those are there for all of us. Believe it or not guys, lets not criticize them too much because there’s actually a use for them.
If he likes to be DM’ed on Twitter by women:
We dm links. We dm each other to support each others music and videos but as far as dm’ing strangers..I don’t do selfies.
On being a texter:
I’m always criticized for just sending those three word text and when I misspell, I never correct. I just feel like you should assume. I’m not calling you just to ‘breathe’ with you so I’m not texting you for that You should know why I’m actually texting you so you can just assume what it was.
Watch the full clip.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta