Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Drugs, Hoes & Pimping: I feel sorry for my daughter!

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Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Drugs, Hoes & Pimping

Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Drugs, Hoes & Pimping

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez is not happy with her baby daddy, Stevie J right now. On Monday (June 19th), the reality star hopped on social media blasting the producer. Sharing a photo of Stevie and their daughter Bonnie Bella, she writes:

Drugs hoes Pimp n*ggas under age drinking??? What else.

She adds,

He ain’t even called his daughter today. 10 months of denying her and a life time of disappointment. I feel for my daughter that he is her father.

Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Drugs, Hoes & Pimping

She later deleted the post. This situation, comes on the heels of the pair battling in court over their daughter.

Joseline Accuses Stevie J Of Drugs, Hoes & Pimping

Last week, we reported that Stevie went back to court, pleading with the judge due to his fear for his newborn daughters safety while with her mother. He filed docs recently in his paternity battle with Joseline, in which he accused her of consistently exhibiting violent, erratic behavior towards him saying she physically assaulted him and damaged his property.

[Click here for the backstory].

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  • Wreckognize Game

    These two are tacky, pathetic and need to sit down and grow tf up! Ridiculous. Stevie has a lot of talent and is wasting it by hanging in the gutter.

  • Cyn

    One thing that stood out to me was that Joseline said he hasn’t even called their daughter today…she’s 10 months old…does she mean that he hasn’t called her today? It appears she is upset with him because he no longer wants to be with her. They both need to get together…this child and Stevie’s multiple other children are what’s important. Joseline needs to just quit it. Stevie had multiple child support cases against him and judgments against him for non payment of child support when they started dating…not she has a baby by him and thinks he’s going to do any different toward her and their child. Girl, BYE! Your bed, lie in it!!! Stop complaining! You stole him from somebody else, now you crying about him being a pimp and a hoe! Whatever!!!

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      This. All of this. lol.