Nicki Minaj Announces New Female Artist Lilo Morton, As She Goes Off On ‘Megatron’ Challenge [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj, Lilo Morton 

Nicki Minaj Announces New Artist Lilo Morton, As She Goes Off On ‘Megatron’ Challenge [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj’s new artist is a mood. Lilo Morton has been on her grind for a while now but she got even more attention when she rapped over Nicki’s newest single Megatron.  Nicki reposted the video and wrote,

“BIG FKNG MOOD!!!!! ?? #megatronchallenge OR U WILL GET CLAPPED BTCH!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!”

In the lyrics, Lilo says,

BRATATATOT, yeah I’m back
Ponytail sleek, and all my b****es a** fat.
Keep your n***a off me cause i aint txting back.
B**** im feeling saucy & i aint having nat
Move back sis.

These b****es can read me, she gotta use her brain.
There b****es can’t see me, she got to use a cane.
What the f*** was she thinking.
It’s better when I’m drinking.
He’s busting quick man,
like quicksand, got a N***as sinking
Feel up, aint nobody realer.
P***y slimey
Got him diving like a navy seal huh?
Bod gyal when mi wine it str8 to the dealer
I mean dealership,
All my bad boss b****es feeing this.

So grab ya drink or whatever and never let a broke bum get a link or whatever.
And only bumbs eat crumbs.
I keep the soup & the cheddar
And if ya b**** wanna fight
Tell that n***a go get her
I know she tryna meet her match,
Now her match has met her
Thats a fact, no BRATATATOT you will get clapped!

The video got the attention of other artists like Chance The Rapper. 


Chance The RapperNicki responded and confirmed Lilo is her new artist.

Nicki announced the challenge on her Instagram story. The first place prize gets $10,000 and if they’re a rapper, get signed to her label.

Nicki released Megatron and the video on June 21.

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