NeNe Leakes Cries Over Rape Backlash [VIDEO]

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NeNe Leakes Cries Over Rape Backlash

NeNe Leakes Cries Over Rape Backlash

NeNe Leakes is still in tears over the recent controversy surrounding her comments. This week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star went on Instagram Live and while getting her make-up done, she became very emotional.

She and her MUA reflected on the backlash that she received when she made a joke about wanting a heckler in the audience to be raped by her uber driver. [Click here for the backstory]. We’re told that NeNe’s response was actually to someone in the audience who had told her to kill herself.

See the clip of a tearful NeNe being consoled by her MUA.

NeNe has since issued a public apology. She is also in the middle of a fall-out with her RHAO co-star, Kim Zolciak. Click here for the latest.

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  • takenaback

    Well stop saying hateful things.

    • Djphoenix

      I agree. She wants to cry after saying something so terribly hateful and divisive. She has an issue with power tripping and ego and some of us are very sick of it. I kind of feel like we survived this woman already and moved over to more positive images/things. Why the hell is she back? Is it to influence Black women who are killing the game right now all over the country with respect to uplift and achievement and being woke, to engage in more negative thinking and behavior. Many Black women and girls are focused on more positive things now like getting educated, starting businesses, mentoring younger sisters and professionals, etc. We are not trying to roll the clock back to early RHOA days. Nene will need to get into formation or get lost. No one has time for her crap.

      • takenaback

        I agree. I believe Kim was brought on to destroy Real Hose wives she attacked Kenya but not one person has come to her defense about the horrible things Kim is putting her tbru. It is alleged that Kim brings her entiresponse family to filming that has to be disruptive. That show runner producer or whatever his title is favors Kim. So I think they want to help in the shows demise. If they can all start to show support before filming is complete I think that will help, but Kim needs to go.

        • loriS

          Its funny how andy cohen executive producer feels that Kim needs to even be in a all black cast but I don’t see any black women in white shows….

  • mojay1956

    I mean really, between Nene and Wendy I just can’t. Tears come when you think your pocket is about to get hit. Please ladies get some class about yourselves and you won’t have to go through this drama of begging for forgiveness so you won’t loose your coins. Time to grow up ladies…everything is not about YOU and your lack of emotional control!

    • mojay1956

      Welp the fallout has begun…tears didn’t save that Great Xscape Tour gig.

      • GoGetIt

        they need to be crying for trying to go on tour too soon, and charging the prices they want for their tickets and haven’t a tune in 20 yrs. and the only live performance we saw before the tour was on bet and it was not all that…LOL

  • Mo’BettaBlues

    All the name calling and slander this “woman” does to everyone else? Her horrific “comedy” all she does is cuss say mean things about people. That’s not talent and the sooner people stop gassing her… the sooner she can fade to black. That rape comment was beyond inappropriate

  • Hotfiyah

    Oh hell she said it cuz at the time she meant it. Get over it…next!

  • loriS

    She and so many other people in t he world are so used to talking crazy to folk and being cheered on for it that its become the norm and when its been decided that a line has been crossed (which as I stated people say so many hurtful things that is accepted who decides when a line is even crossed) they are confused or don’t understand when they’ve done wrong. when will it end and who decides what right and wrong? can’t we all just be respectful towards one another?

  • Jasmin Princess Interian – Rei

    Where was the apology ?!?! I love how all of a sudden it turns out she was told to “kill herself” and that was justification to say ” i hope you get raped by your uber driver” I love how folks have to add a whole bunch of crap before getting to the damn apology . ” blah blah blah blah blah blah but anyone that knows me knows i would never say a thing like that and I didn’t mean to cause any harm I know better and Im so sorry for my actions blah blah blah “

  • Aqua Lee

    Work on yourself leakes…im praying for her..she needs to slow down a bit and focus!