Kendrick Lamar Fires Back At Drake w/ Another Diss Track ‘6:16 In LA’: ‘Everyone Inside Your Team Is Whispering You Deserve It’

Kendrick Lamar, Drake

Kendrick Lamar Fires Back At Drake w/ Another Diss Track ‘6:16 In LA’: ‘Everyone Inside Your Team Is Whispering You Deserve It’

Update #2 (May 3, 2024): Kendrick is going back to back!

The Compton native dropped “6:16 in LA” early Friday morning(May 3), which marks his second diss track against Drake this week. He raps in the hit that quickly went viral,

“Have you ever thought that OVO was working for me?/ Fake bully, I hate bullies/ You must be a terrible person/ Everyone inside your team is whispering that you deserve it/ Can’t Toosie Slide up out of this one, it’s just gon’ resurface.”


“If you were street smart, then you woulda caught that your entourage is only to hustle you
A hundred n***as that you got on salary, and 20 of ’em want you as a casualty
And one of them is actually, next to you
And two of them is practically tired of your lifestyle, just don’t got the audacity to tell you
But let me tell you some game, ’cause I can see you my lil’ homie
You playin’ dirty with propaganda, it blow up on ya
You’re playin’ nerdy with Zack Bia and Twitter bots
But your reality can’t hide behind Wi-Fi
Your lil memes is losing steam, they figured you out
The forced opinions is not convincin’, y’all need a new route”

He ended,

“It’s time you look around on who’s around you, before you figure that you’re not alone
Ask what Mike would do.”

Kendrick Lamar and Drake began trending on Twitter almost immediately, with some fans pointing out that 6/16 marks Father’s Day this year, and others noting that Kendrick played a hand out of Drake’s playbook by dissing him back to back (which Drake did during his feud with Meek Mill and released the song “Back to Back” in 2015).

Another fan referenced Kendrick Lamar’s song art and wrote,

“The gloves are off. No more warning shots. #Kendrick
See more reactions below.

Listen to the full track below:


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Update #1 (May 1, 2024): Drake appears to be unimpressed by Kendrick Lamar’s diss.

After Kendrick Lamar released “Euphoria,” Drake liked a social media post from a fan page that asked,

“That’s it??”

He also appeared to make fun of Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics about hating nearly everything about him.

On his Instagram Story, Drake shared a scene from the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You, where Julia Stiles’ character reads a poem to her love interest.


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Original Story (April 30, 2024): Kendrick Lamar has emptied his clip.

The 17-time Grammy rapper released “Euphoria,” a new diss track against Drake on Tuesday (April 30), much to fan’s anticipation.

In the quickly-viral single, Kendrick Lamar raps,

“You’re not a rap artist you’re a scam artist with the hopes of being accepted…”

He goes on to blast Drake as a “master manipulator” and “habitual liar,” later rapping,

“Don’t tell no lie about me, and I won’t tell the truth about you.”

After name-dropping Drake, he then referenced the Canadian rapper,

“Somebody had told me that you got a ring I’m ready to double the wage/I rather do that than let a Canadian n*gga make Pac turn in his grave.”

He didn’t end there. He continued and told Drake, 

“I’m the biggest hater/I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress/I hate the way that you sneak this if I catch a flight it’s gon’ be direct/We hate the b*tches you f*ck ’cause they confused themself with real women/Notice I said ‘we’ it’s not just me, I’m what the culture feelin./How many more fairy tale stories about your life till we had enough? How many more Black features till you finally feel that you’re Black enough?”

He went on to say when he sees Drake with Sexyy Red he sees “two bad b*tches” and added,

“I believe you don’t like women, you might pop ass wit’ ’em.”

He made it clear,

“Y’all thinking my life is rap? That’s h*e sh*t I got a son to raise but I can see you don’t know nothing ’bout that.”

Listen to the full song below:

Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s eyebrow-raising feud sparked after Kendrick dissed Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s new album We Don’t Trust You. He rapped in the song “Like That,”

“F*ck sneak dissin’/First-person shooter/I hope they came with three switches.”

The “first-person shooter” line appears to be a reference to Drake’s song “First Person Shooter” featuring J. Cole. It was released in November from Drake’s For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition. In that song, J. Cole raps in the second verse,

“Love when they argue the hardest MC/Is it K-Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me?/We the big three like we started a league, but right now, I feel like Muhammad Ali.”

In Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” verse, he also rapped about the “big 3”, which is widely known as him, Drake, and J. Cole.

“Think I won’t drop the location? I still got PTSD/Motherf*ck the Big 3, n***a, it’s just big me. Fore all your dogs gettin’ buried, that’s a K with all these nines, he gon’ see Pet Sematary.”

Drake later offered up his own diss track, “Push Ups,” where he raps about Kendrick in part,

How the f*ck you big steppin’ with a size 7 mens on?”

In a follow-up diss called “Taylor Made Freestyle,” Drake used artificial intelligence (AI) for Tupac and Snoop Dogg’s voices, making it seem as if they were also dissing Kendrick. The late rapper’s estate slammed Drake with a cease-and-desist, ordering him to agree to remove the song or he’d face legal action.

Since the feud ensued, Drake has been criticized and dissed in songs by fellow rappers like Kanye West, A$AP Rockyand Rick Ross.

Do you think Kendrick Lamar won this round? Comment and let us know.

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