EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams Staff Leaked Husband Cheating Story, Talk Show Host Fires Multiple Employees

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EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams Staff Leaked Husband Cheating Story, Talk Show Host Fires Multiple Employees

Wendy Williams & husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Staff Leaked Husband Cheating Story

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Wendy Williams (53) is cleaning house, terminating some of her employees that were allegedly responsible for leaking a recent story surrounding her and her husband manager, Kevin Hunter (46).

Wendy Williams Staff Leaked Husband Cheating Story, Talk Show Host Fires Multiple Employees

Wendy Williams

Last month, it was reported that the talk show host’s husband was cheating on her and had a long-term relationship with a 32-year-old massage therapist named Sharina Hudson. [Click here for the backstory]. Sources tell us

The story was 100% made up and Wendy knows the woman. It’s not true at all.

Wendy addressed the story on the show, stating that she stands by her husband. See the clips.

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

Sources tell us that the story was ignited by a few disgruntled employees.

Wendy found out who was behind the story and they were actually people from her staff.

The source continues,

She fired anyone who was connected to the story because it was not only fake, but it showed how disloyal they were to her. She can’t trust someone who would do that to her. She fired a number of her staff, including some producers.

The source adds,

Look, Wendy trusts her husband. She knows that women want him, especially more now than ever. She’s not letting any of this get to her.

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    Well that’s embarassing! She must have really pissed her employees off.

    • MsB Cheet

      I know right

  • Candy

    “WANT him?” Want HIM?! Self-deception at its finest.

    • Camden

      lmaoo ikr now THATS funny!

    • MsB Cheet

      Hahaha. Agreed

  • Sandy R. Lathon

    Whatever Wendy.

    • sharlonda truick


  • PhxAzBeauty

    The employees unveiled what was really going on..

    • sharlonda truick


  • itsjismemelly

    she must just accept it

  • miwe3

    Is this the same husband that cheated on her when she was pregnant and she had to go knocking on the woman’s door to get HER to break it off since the husband wasn’t trying to?

    • Shondeon

      Yeah, that’s him! ?

    • MsB Cheet


  • Camille Sanchez

    Probably had to fire them before they put her on blast with some more true stories.

    • Mz DiDi

      Now you’re speaking on it!

  • Kim Wesley

    I love her…but she lying to save face….and she need some biscuits and grave i like thick Wendy..

    • morrow

      She was never thick, she is just a big goofy big boned clumsy big foot broad?

  • Tippie Toes

    This is another lie the DailyMail.UK followed this story for a year and finally leaked it when they had enough proof.

    • Metoo

      Right, hard to deny photographic/video edvidence plus the neighbors at the condo confirmed their coupledom. Wendy’s only adding fuel to the fire and keeping the story alive.

  • brooklyn34

    I don’t believe that they had pics come on Wendy you think we Boo Boo Kitty

  • Simone Francois

    This story is fake news, really. Wendy adoptong the Donald Trump crap, it is not true. Fired staff members for spilling the truth.

  • sunni_daze

    I still believe the former employees

  • TJT

    How is the story “fake”, the investigators had the receipts! If this isnt factual, not sure what more proof she needs.

  • Mz DiDi

    It’s called KARMA bitch! I don’t like her ass either.

    • MsB Cheet

      Yep. She always blasts other people. Now it’s her turn.


    Wendy says, “Don’t believe your lying eyes.” Po lil tink, tink… Sorry, Wendy, we ain’t buying it. Hire new PR…this one failed…

  • Tricia Monty

    Well, since they buy her husband (girl) friends $700,000 homes. I’ll be his friend without benefits.

  • Barbara Codner

    Wendy has to deny it because she’s not at liberty to say it’s a private matter. This affair took her by surprise. She can front all she wants. Her eyes gave her away. Also, his mistress hasn’t said a peep. How can a massage therapist afford a house and ring like that? If Wendy still thinks that she has a marriage, she is lying to herself. Having flings at hotels is one thing but he bought this woman a house with money they earned as a couple. He’s invested in this woman. It’s a wrap.

  • morrow

    I don’t no for sure but on Wendy ‘s show Tuesday and Wednesday, Wendy looked like she had snorted coke before the show “like Judge Mathis said she was doing at the radio station. She never denied anything the judge was saying about her and her three some with her husband or the powder residue around her nose. You have got to listen to the interview she done with Judge Mathis. This chick is getting skinnier and skinnier. Look at her in that chair and you can see all space around her where as before she kinda filled the Prince chair up.

    • justice225

      i thought she was drunk on Tuesday. She wasn’t herself. coming to work in gown and house shoes.

    • mia x

      ???really, I need to check it out!?!

  • Yolanda Dunham

    Wendy who really gives a fuck if you like it I love it. Whatever the situation girl you already know you good but it would be a very costly divorce

  • Girlfriend

    Wendy is stupid and desperate.

  • Chuck

    Wendy, Wendy, Wendy… There’s some truth to her husband cheating on her with this lady.

  • mia x

    Hahaha, I don’t believe this BS story! So what about all the pictures of them two together? His name on the mailbox? The ring she’s wearing? Vacations? The house that he just bought in his name but later changed to his company name? Wendy knows what’s going on..

    • Sweetie Cat

      For someone who calls out everyone else’s BS, how can she deny such obvious evidence? How can she hold her head up high while her husband is blatantly cheating on her? It doesn’t seem like he is even trying to hide it. If a man cheated on me in such an obvious way, I’d kick his ass to the curb. It’s not like she can’t afford to divorce his ass. Maybe she is afraid that no other man will want her because she looks so manly. It’s sad for the kid. I’m sure that he has enough to deal with already.

  • morrow

    If you need proof that Wendy is getting high, find the footage of her going around her town with the fire department installing smoke detectors, (they showed it on her show today Nov 1). Wendy was all messed up, staggering reaching for the rials to hold her up, she was struggling.