Karrueche Responds to Rihanna’s Photo of Chris Brown + Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter

The entertainment value of the love triangle between Chris Brown, his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran and Rihanna, is at an all-time high. Over the weekend, Rihanna shared a photo of a shirtless Chris Brown in bed. Like some of you, we thought, that’s gotta (emotionally) sting a bit for Karrueche. And while we can’t prove that she was hurt, twitter chatter among the three of them indicates that there’s still some tension brewing. On Instagram, Karrueche actually hit the ‘Like’ button on the photo that Rihanna posted of Chris.

What’s more? There are a TON of Retweets of a message that Karrueche ALLEGEDLY tweeted saying,

‘Ike & Tina can have each other LMFAO’

We didn’t see this w/ our own eyeballs, but according to y’all cousins on twitter, the tweet was deleted. Meanwhile, Chris has jumped in on some other action, engaging in a twitter beef with Jenny Johnson.

What do WE think?

  1. What’ was Chris’ tweet about? We think it was in reference to a twitter argument that he had with Jenny Johnson (who’s a comedic writer) earlier in the day.
  2. Do we think Karrueche is hurt, bothered and upset by Rihanna and Chris’ reconciliation? Absolutely.
  3. Do we think Karrueche called them ‘Ike & Tina’? Yes, but in private, not on Twitter. (P.S. I hate when ppl tweet and then delete!).
  4. Do we think Rihanna should stop tweeting pix of her and Chris? Absolutely.
  5. More importantly, what do YOU think???

UPDATED: For the 100th time, Chris Brown has since suspended his twitter.

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