Janet Jackson’s Nose May Be Collapsing, According to Plastic Surgeon

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Janet Jackson’s Nose May Be Collapsing, According to Plastic Surgeon

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s Nose May Be Collapsing

According to a plastic surgeon, Janet Jackson should be concerned about some cosmetic work that she had done to her face.

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Recently, the 51-year-old singer hit the red carpet for the OUT100 Gala’s Music Icon Award (see the photo above). And some suggested that her nose looked much different, particularly her nostrils seemed to have changed.

Dr. Matthew Schulman, who is a New York plastic surgeon, weighed in on Jackson’s nose saying,

It appears that there is some nasal collapse and some retraction of the nostrils. This may be the result of multiple previous surgical procedures that has caused injury to the underlying cartilage support of the nose.

Janet Jackson’s Nose May Be Collapsing, According to Plastic Surgeon

It’s important to note that Schulman has never done any work on Jackson. Jackson, who is currently touring, had a nose job when she was 16 and has openly discussed having the procedure.

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  • BLamont

    Can we not post BS from someone trying to make a come up by using Janet for NO REASON at all. It’s called make-up (contouring) and angles. Her nose has looked EXACTLY the same since 1983.

    • siarasheree

      However, it is fact that she has had a nose job.. not sure about multiple nose surgeries tho.. esp coming from someone who’ve never had her as a patient.

      • BLamont

        Oh for sure but the collapsing part is just ridiculous and a reach to get some attention from that “doctor.”

    • Coco Mcluvin

      I had to zoom in on the picture because I didn’t see the difference and I still don’t! We need to stop letting people tear apart our legends!

      • BLamont


  • currvalicious

    Janet’s beginning to favor Eartha Kitt, IMO.

  • Michelle


  • juanzy 84

    Stop hating on one of the baddest to ever do this thing called entertainment! !!!!! Please get a life!!????????

  • Sole

    Nose or no nose, Janet slays err day all damn day.