EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Pleads for Bankruptcy Not to Be Dismissed

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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh's Baby Mama Pleads for Bankruptcy Not to Be Dismissed

Allison Mathis

Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Pleads for Bankruptcy Not to Be Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports Chris Bosh’s baby mama, Allison Mathis, is asking that her bankruptcy case not be dismissed.

Here’s the latest: On November 2nd, the trustee presiding over her bankruptcy filed a motion to dismiss the entire case due to Mathis failing to pay her monthly payments for being delinquent to the tune of $7k+. On Nov 22, Mathis responded to the motion to dismiss saying she intends of making a $7k payment to catch up on her back payments. She also stated that she had been dealing with the death of a family member and it caused her to fall behind in her payments.

Chris, Allison Circa 2008

Here’s the backstory: Back in 2014, Allison Mathis, who is mother to his daughter Trinty, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last year in Florida Court. She claimed to have assets in the 100-500k and liabilities in the same range.

Mathis listed her real property in the 300k range and 20k in personal property. She owed close to 284k on her Windermere, FL home. She was facing foreclosure on the home and a pending lawsuit was filed against her in Orange County, FL.

Allison Mathis, Former Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed (Photo Jock & Stiletto Jill)

Allison Mathis, Former Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed

Her monthly income was stated as $3,985 but her expenses were $1,615. She listed her profession as part time research assistant. She made $800 a month from income and $2,685 from child support from Bosh, while her family gives her $500 a month to help her.

She only had $1,250 in her checking account and $18 in her savings and 2k in furniture. Further, she claimed to only have made 30k during 2011 and 2012 in income and 30k in child support from Bosh in 2013.

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  • Mo’BettaBlues

    This man is a piece of shit for how he treats her. HE PLANNED this baby with her and then changed his mind mid pregnancy. I remember seeing how happy they were when she told him she was pregnant in a video I saw online. $2600/month? While his new wife thinks nothing to buy $30k purses. What a bitchy guy.

    • Jess

      So as a grown woman, she shouldn’t be responsible adult ? Bosh being the father of child doesn’t mean he needs to take care of here. His responsibility is his child. She should’ve learned how to live within her means and stop trying to keep up with Jones.

      • lilkunta

        she should be responsible yes. but so should chris.
        alot of her debt is LEGAL as she had to fight him for custody bc chris tried to take trinity from her.
        why does she have a mortgage? chris should buy her a house outright bc HIS DAUGHTER is living there!

        chris is trash. his wife is too.
        she got all htme baboes to make sure she gets a check.
        chirs is gonna loose, watch.

        • Jess

          She is in debt because she is living beyond her means. He is doing his part by paying child support, education and anything his little girl may need.

          • lilkunta

            she is in debt because of legal fees.

  • Coco Mcluvin

    His mother and the mother of his child in the blogs…not a good look. They both are to blame in this situation. He can fix it and she shouldn’t need him to.
    Lesson to women out there, having a child is not a come up. Practice being financially responsible.