Kimora Lee Simmons Shares Thoughts On 21-Year-Old Daughter Aoki’s Former Relationship w/ 65-Year-Old Man: ‘I Feel Like She Was Set Up’

Kimora Lee Simmons, Aoki Simmons, Vittorio Assaf

Kimora Lee Simmons Shares Thoughts On 21-Year-Old Daughter Aoki’s Former Relationship w/ 65-Year-Old Man: ‘I Feel Like She Was Set Up’

Update (May 10, 2024): Kimora Lee Simmons is sharing her unfiltered thoughts about her 21-year-old daughter’s former romance with a 65-year-old man.

She was stopped by TMZ on the street on Thursday (May 9), and was asked how she felt about Aoki Lee Simmons having a relationship with businessman Vittorio Assaf. She said,

“That’s a loaded question. I don’t think she “had” an anything. She’s a younger pretty girl. We don’t think that the toads we may kiss is gonna be broadcasted.”

She added that she believes Aoki Lee Simmons was “set up,” explaining,

“There’s definitely an age dynamic there. I just feel like she was set up a little bit.”

She confessed,

“I probably was a little bit embarassed but you know me. I’m like ‘It is what it is honey. Come on home, let’s go. Mama’s got your back. He ain’t coming.'”

Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assaf called it quits shortly after they were spotted kissing whlie on vacation.

Asked if she or Aoki Lee Simmons’ dad pulled her “allowance” due to the romance, she said,

“Dad is non-existent. I do the allowance.”

She also briefly spoke about how Diddy’s daughters, Jessie Combs and D’Lila Combs are doing as their father faces sex trafficking and sexual assault lawsuits. She said they recently came to her home for her birthday, adding,

“They’re doing fabulous…I have their back always and forever, and they know that.”

She didn’t want to go into detail about the allegations against Diddy, and instead said,

“No, I don’t know all that. I only know my kids.”

 Original Story (April 7, 2024): Fashion guru Kimora Lee Simmons seems to allegedly be fed up with her daughters antics.

The Baby Phat founder uploaded an interesting video and caption recently that appears to be in response to photos of her daughter Aoki being intimate with a man 43 years her senior.

Sharing a video of a mother panda unsuccessfully trying to steer her rebellious cub in the right direction, Kimora Lee Simmons wrote as a caption:

“On my last nerve right now!”

The model’s Instagram upload comes just a day after she faced major criticism over the actions of her 21-year-old daughter. In case you missed it, images of Aoki surfaced online over the weekend that pictured the Harvard grad packing on PDA with a 65-year-old businessman named Vittorio Assaf.

Sources have reportedly stated that the multi generational couple met on a trip to St. Barts where they were recently spotted vacationing. The source added that the two are “getting to know each other” and enjoying each other’s company. Aoki recently shared a video of her own taking a ride with her “baby”, though he never appears on screen. At one point, the Milan born restauranteur is reprimanded by the socialite for claiming that R&B songstress Mary J. Blige once wanted to “be his partner” during a Tik Tok live video.

Mary J. Blige

It doesn’t appear the singer has reacted to the remark at the time of this writing. It does appear, however, that Aoki  is unfazed by criticism of her dating life. The model took to her Instagram story with a selfie seemingly reacting to the situation, writing:

“Errr well now I know why folks were calling me”

Despite public perception of her budding romance, Aoki’s own birth was brought about from a similar union. As many know, the young model’s father is entertainment titan Russell Simmons, who began dating her mother Kimora when she 18 and he was 36.

Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons

Judging by Kimora’s recent post, however, it doesn’t seem she’s exactly thrilled by her daughter following her footsteps.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson