Keshia Knight-Pulliam Speaks Out, After Being Voted Off Celebrity Big Brother: I needed to breastfeed my daughter.

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Keshia Knight-Pulliam Speaks Out, After Being Fired On Celebrity Big Brother

Keshia Knight-Pulliam is speaking out, after being fired from Celebrity Big Brother. The Cosby Show star explains that she had to put her one-year-old daughter Ella’s needs over the show. She says,

There is no amount of money ever worth sacrificing her needs. When you become a mother your entire world shifts. Everything I do is for this little girl. I am grateful for the Big Brother opportunity. However, nothing tops this feeling right here. Tonight I won! My desire is always to be an example of #BlackGirlMagic because I have my little girl and millions of little girls around the word watching, learning & modeling my actions. This is BIGGER than me.

Prior to her being kicked out of the house, she was nominated for eviction alongside Omarosa Manigault. She asked the houseguests to vote for her to leave because of how badly she missed her daughter and how she needed to return home to nurse her.

I was ready to stay and fight but my breast milk supply has kind of been getting a little less. They asked me honestly and I was like, ‘You know, to tell you the truth, since you guys put me up on the block anyway, it’s time for me to go home. It’s time for me to make sure that Ella’s OK, ’cause she is my priority.

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  • Ateya

    My opinion…since this is the COMMENT section. I feel like Big Brother is a HUGE COMMITMENT. I would’ve never went on any show and my baby was still breast feeding or needed milk. THE END! Don’t do it!

    • MRiGOThim

      That $200,000 sign on bonus was calling her name!

  • Coco Mcluvin

    I don’t know what to feel about this. Her daughter is over 1. Is she still putting her to breast? She could definitely pump to keep they milk coming in. There is nothing wrong with just saying you miss your daughter. I personally, could’ve never left my child, especially my first born, breastfeeding or not.

    • Sheila Wilson

      No you cannot keep pumping your breast only. You have to breastfeed that’s how your breasts produce milk. If you keep pumping in the baby is not sucking. It won’t produce anymore milk. You’re milk will dry out quickly. It happened to one of my sister’s.

      • Madge

        This is NOT true at all. Google it.

      • Coco Mcluvin

        That is not true. Women who have premature babies or babies that have to stay in the hospital are encouraged to pump and bring the milk to the hospital. And they can this for months on end to make sure the milk supply does not diminish.

        Mother who have a hard time getting their child to suckle can also opt to pump.
        Also, women who are adopting children can produce milk with medication and by pumping so they can breast feed just as any other mother would. It’s called induced lactation.

        When I had my first child, I did not feel like he was getting fed, because next to no milk was coming out. I was encouraged to pump to help increase the supply. Every time the breast is emptied of it’s milk, whether pumping or direct contact, the breast fills back up.

  • ShelbyMoore

    Rudy you will not ever be an example for black girls. Look at what you did with your life. Look at what you did just to have a baby. Get with any damn body, pop out a baby and just have drama running rampant up and down your life ever since. No little girl needs a life like this…not one of being a single parent.

  • Candy

    Nah, the house flipped the script on you and Coon-arosa and you both got played…

  • Girlfriend

    Right–why did you leave her in the first place when she was so little?

    • MRiGOThim

      that check!!!

  • den

    Please, then WHY SIGN ON….oh it’s the money

  • Erma Robinson

    So why do the show in the first place?

  • Deb Dyson

    She made me sick with all that crying drama like she was Mother Teresa, you get no brownie points from me for that scene you should have stayed your hindpot home with your baby, dummie.